How Proper Safety Training Can Save Your Company Money

Everyone knows proper safety training in the workplace is important. But less people know that it can actually save their company money after they institute robust safety training for their employees. Here's how. 

For a lot of small business owners, safety training is viewed as something they don't have the time or money for. This mindset can breed poor morale amongst employees since they feel the company doesn't value their safety as they perform the necessary tasks to carry out their job function. But proper safety training can actually save a business money over the long run. Read on to find out how. 

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How Proper Safety Training Can Save Your Company Money

Instituting a robust safety training program at your company can have numerous benefits over time. From decreased downtime to higher employee morale, proper safety training can transform your workplace into a productive and cohesive facility that costs less to run. Here are the main ways it does so.

Reduced Worker's Comp or Insurance Costs

Businesses that carry out regular safety training or which have clear safety protocols in place have less accidents or incidents at their workplace. This helps to keep their insurance and WCB premiums low. Some insurance providers even offer discounts for companies that execute prescribed safety training programs that highlight the specific dangers of a jobsite. By showing that you have a regimented safety program in place and a low claims history, your insurance provider should offer you a much lower rate. 


Less Downtime and Increased Productivity

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Association (OSHA) of the United States, American companies lose roughly $60 billion worth of productivity from their workers due to injuries or illnesses every year. Having any of your workers get injured on the job not only creates a major headache with WCB, it also derails your company's productivity by contributing to worker absenteeism. Businesses which place an emphasis on safety training will have less workplace mishaps and a more productive labour force since their workers feel as though they're being looked after anytime they step onto the jobsite. 

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Happier Employees

Employees who are safe are more likely to be happy. And we all know that happy employees are productive ones. By investing in your workforce with proper safety training, you're much more likely to get your employees to buy into what it is you need to get done to meet your goals and expectations. Your employees will also pass along their happy dispositions to your customers, allowing you to increase sales and better retain clients. Speaking of retention, your employees will be much more inclined to stay with your company for years to come if they feel it has their best interests and safety top of mind. This will reduce the amount of time you spend recruiting and training new employees, and will also give you a qualified pool of talent to promote from within. 

Whether it be reduced downtime, lower insurance costs, or happier employees, the benefits to the bottom line of your business after instituting proper safety training are quite hard to ignore. And if you're in need of highly qualified trades people or labourers for your company, be sure to contact Matrix Labour Leasing today to find out how we can help your business succeed. 

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