How To Build A Construction Career Beginning With Jobs From Temp Agencies

How To Build A Construction Career Beginning With Jobs From Temp Agencies

Starting a career from scratch in the Canadian construction sector can be difficult, especially if you have no prior experience or training. 

Rather than repeatedly applying to salaried construction jobs, your time could be better spent by working a temporary role. Also known as “temp” jobs, these contract-based assignments have become increasingly popular due to their flexibility and low risk profile. They are also an ideal starting point for newcomers looking to build a foundation in the construction sector. 

Many staffing or temp agencies specialize in placing fresh recruits in these roles. Matrix Labour Leasing has 18 years of experience matching newcomers with contractual construction jobs in Calgary and Western Canada. Give us a try if you want to start your construction career with a job from a temp agency! 

Making The Most Out Of Your Temp Agency Job 

Some may think that working a construction job provided by a temp agency is drudgery. Temporary roles may not offer the same job security as salaried positions, but they can still be the boost you need to secure more permanent and gainful employment in the future.  

In fact, for newcomers to the construction sector, temporary work experience from a temp agency is probably the biggest selling point they can have on their resume. It shows employers that the applicant has successfully tested their knowledge and ability in a similar role and has gained familiarity with the skills needed to thrive in a permanent position. 

Excelling in a temporary position provided by a temp agency can directly lead to a long-term appointment at the same company or at the very least make you a more competitive candidate on the job market. 

Show Your Worth As A Temp Worker

Temp work provided by a temp agency should be seen as an opportunity一not a last resort option that you begrudgingly accept to put food on the table. While temp work is not guaranteed to lead to long-term employment, it is still a chance for you to demonstrate your value. 

Ways to stand out among peers include being reliable (a big one in the construction sector), enthusiastic, and committed to refining your skills. The latter is especially important if you are thinking of asking for a permanent position in the company, as it shows your supervisors that you are coachable and eager to learn. 

Another way to maximize your chances of getting hired permanently is to embrace the company’s culture as much as possible. Develop strong working relations with the permanent staff and carry yourself like you are already part of the team. Your supervisors may think you are a natural fit and may be more inclined to come to you with a permanent offer by the end of your contract. 

To be sure, this permanent offer may never come一even if you have performed beyond all metrics. Sometimes, the company does not have the budget for salaried placements. But at the very worst, you will still be able to walk away with a glowing reference. 

Leverage Your Connection With Your Temp Agency 

Did you know that your employer is actually your temp agency? You may answer to your company’s supervisor, but your payroll comes from your temp agency. 

While construction companies may hire salaried workers themselves, they often partner with temp agencies to fill up temporary roles. This means you are unlikely to meet your worksite supervisor until your first day of work. Screenings, interviews, and skills assessments are all managed by your temp agency. 

Being employed by the temp agency may seem to put you in a more difficult spot to secure a permanent role, but it does not need to be so. Your temp agency, though not supervising you directly, is still aware of your work performance thanks to its ongoing dialogue with the client company. You can be sure that any positive feedback will make it to your temp agency. 

Encouraged by your performance, your temp agency may be more receptive to help you find the construction jobs to launch your career for good. You have become a valuable asset, and the agency will gladly recommend you to jobs that you would otherwise not have access to.

Set Off Your Construction Career The Right Way 

Forging a career in the construction sector without relevant experience or training is possible. The key is starting small. A temporary job provided by a temp agency can be perfect for this purpose. Such an opportunity allows you to gain hands-on experience in the sector, make durable connections, and even confirm whether you want to continue on this path. 

A strong showing in a temp role can often lead to a permanent position一kicking off your construction career in earnest一or significantly increase your worth on the job market. Either way, you have only to gain. 

Are you interested in working a temp role to set off your construction career? With more than 18 years of experience matching recruits to construction jobs in Calgary and Western Canada, Matrix Labour Leasing is the temp agency for you. Call us at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the online contact form to connect with us. 


Q: How can Matrix Labour Leasing help find me a job in the construction sector?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is in constant contact with contracting companies looking for temp-to-hire and direct-hire workers. Depending on the nature of the role, we can either recommend you to one of our contracting companies or offer you a temporary contract ourselves. 

Q: Is the contracting company involved in the hiring process of temporary workers?
A: No. The contracting company usually fully delegates the hiring process to the temp agency. The agency will unilaterally screen, interview, and select the workers that will be working for the contracting company.

Q: Where can I find construction jobs in Canada?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

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