How to Find The Right Candidate For Your Vacant Plumbing Job

Are you looking to fill that vacant plumbing job in your company? Here are some tips on how to ensure your new employee is a good fit for your organization. 

When it comes to filling that vacant plumbing job in your company with a new employee, there is a lot to consider. As your business grows, it’s inevitable that you’ll need to hire some extra hands to help meet any growing demands.

Being selective of who you choose to represent you and your plumbing company is very important and when choosing a new plumbing employee, you must make sure that they have:

  • the necessary talent and skills
  • a positive outlook
  • the desire to continue to grow and learn
  • a personality that fits yours, as well as the personality of your company

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How to Ensure Your New Plumbing Employee is a Good Fit For Your Company

How an employee ‘fits’ into your company can mean many things, including their attitude, friendliness, and teamwork. It plays a critical role in managing performance and in the bonding of your team.

Nurtured properly, it has the power to unlock the productivity and potential of individuals and the collective team. But often, discussions of fit tend to be ill-defined and divisive, which can ultimately lead to poor staffing decisions that hinder your company’s growth.

When hiring your new employees for that vacant plumbing job, here are some ways you can manage and improve their performance by placing more emphasis on fit:


1. Hire For Fit From The Beginning

A poor fit is the number one reason why employees are let go, and yet this rarely gets the attention it deserves during the recruitment and screening process. Many employees focus too heavily on experience and skills, and not enough on understanding a candidate’s personality.

What you should do: Ask probing questions during the interview that will help you determine how right a potential candidate is for that plumbing job. Try to discover what:

  • their values are
  • motivates them
  • their working style is
  • their ‘hot buttons’ are

This will help you understand how a potential employee’s personality and work style may enhance or upset your current team dynamic.

Hiring For A Plumbing Job


2. Lend a Helping Hand

It’s very difficult to find a perfect fit for your vacant jobs, so smart employers will understand the importance of spending time helping new recruits become socialized into their culture, and not just familiar with their new job.

Of course, getting them up to speed quickly and producing results is important, but so is building a foundation of trust and teamwork with new colleagues and navigating the difficult waters of interpersonal relationships.

What you should do: Watch and listen intently and help your new employees work through any struggles they may be having when trying to fit in.


3. Expand Your Metrics

If your idea of a good performance includes nothing but empirically measurable results, then you’re missing a large part of the picture. Understanding the motivation behind your new employee is the real secret.

What you should do: Broaden your metrics to include how your employees live your company’s mission, advance its culture, and contribute to achieving your overall goals. This will help you more thoughtfully assess an employee’s impact on your business.


4. Put an Emphasis on the Importance of Values

While there may be some companies who adopt a ‘win at all costs’ mentality, for most organisations, the road to success is just as important as achieving it.

If ethics and moral principles are the cornerstones of your organisation, then you MUST emphasize to both existing and new employees that your company values are more than just words on a plaque.

What you should do: Demonstrate to your employees that values and performance and inextricably linked and make it clear that you hold them to a higher standard of conduct.


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