How To Make The Most Of Your Temporary Construction Placement

How To Make The Most Of Your Temporary Construction Placement

Some people enjoy the freedom of temporary construction placement while others hope that a good temp opportunity will turn into a temp-to-hire position. No matter which of these is your goal, it is vital that you leave a good impression on those you work with and that you use your temporary construction job to advance in your field. Your temporary position isn’t only a way to earn a living, it’s a chance to develop your construction career and build your skills. Good temp agencies can help you find work and arming yourself with the right attitude and skills will help you build your resume and find increasingly more rewarding positions. Here are some ways you can take advantage of your temporary construction jobs and advance your career.

5 Tips For Temporary Construction Jobs

1. Develop New Skills
One of the greatest benefits of temporary labour placement is that you can learn a variety of new skills and build an impressive portfolio. Take every opportunity to gain new competencies and put them into practice. Keep track of all of the new skills you learn, new qualifications you acquire, and any praise you receive. Since temporary employees don’t get annual performance reviews, keep track of emails where your supervisor compliments you and write down any praise or accomplishments.

2. Don’t Pester Your Employer
If your employer has mentioned that there is a chance you can stay on after your temp term has ended, don’t ask about it constantly. Continue doing your work reliably and keep up to date on the status of your position and potential future opportunities through your staffing agency. If you continually ask your employer or co-workers, they may become irritated. Also bear in mind that it is unusual for a temp job to become permanent in less than 90 days, so don’t waste your supervisor's time with questions until you are nearing the end of the 90 days. It may be best to schedule a meeting, let your supervisor know what you want to discuss, and have one productive conversation about potential opportunities.

3. Build Relationships
Temporary labour placement gives you the advantage of meeting lots of new people in the construction industry. The more people you know and with whom you have a good rapport, the more likely you are to get offers for future jobs. Creating a reputation for yourself as a hard worker and someone who makes a great team member will help spread your name via word of mouth and will help employers recognize your name when your resume comes their way. This opens up more opportunities for you.

4. Ask For Feedback
When your temporary construction placement is coming to an end, schedule a meeting with your supervisor to discuss your work and any feedback they can give you. This may help you to become a permanent employee or to get rehired for more temp work at a future date, as it shows you are a serious worker who values self improvement and cares about contributing to the company. It will also help you improve as a worker, as your supervisor can discuss any areas that need to be improved so you can know what to work on. They can help point out your strengths, which are excellent to highlight when you are searching for your next temporary labour placement.

4. Go Above And Beyond
At every construction job, you need to perform your best. When you’re a temporary labour placement they don’t see the years of experience you have or your past record, so you need to take steps to show them that you are dedicated, hard-working, and a team player. Be prepared to show up early to avoid any traffic issues and to have a moment to get yourself ready before your shift. Introduce yourself to your team and have open and positive communication. Show off any individual skills you possess and share them with other workers when you can. All of these will help you garner a positive reputation in the minds of your coworkers and your supervisors and will not only help you potentially be hired permanently, but it will also make the site a better place to work for everyone.

Calgary Labour Staffing With Matrix Labour Leasing

When searching for a construction job, staffing agencies can help you find placement with a construction company that you can seamlessly integrate into. At Matrix Labour Leasing, our staffing solutions are designed to streamline the recruitment process so you can find rewarding work quickly. Our staff will take the time to learn about you, your career goals, and the type of employment you are seeking to help you find a job you will thrive in. At Matrix Labour Leasing, our staffing agency goal has always been to create fair, competitive and stable employment that gives tradespeople the opportunity to develop great careers. To contact Matrix Labour Leasing and find rewarding construction jobs, call 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Where can I find construction jobs in Canada?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

Q: How can Matrix Labour Leasing help find me a job in the construction sector?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is in constant contact with contracting companies looking for temp-to-hire and direct-hire workers. Depending on the nature of the role, we can either recommend you to one of our contracting companies or offer you a temporary contract ourselves.

Q: Does Matrix Labour Leasing only a temp agency?
A: No, we also specialize in temp-to-hire and direct-hire placements as well as other staffing and recruiting services. We also offer a variety of back office and HR support services.

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