How to Stand Out in a Competitive Job Market

Showing potential employers your flexibility, exceptional work ethic and willingness to exceed expectations are great ways to stand out in Calgary’s competitive job market. With the state of Alberta’s economy and the slew of job cuts affecting not only the Alberta oil industry, but other sectors like technology too, Calgary’s job market is positioned to get tougher in the near future.

This is no reason to worry – there are things you can do to make yourself stand out to employers in Calgary and around Alberta. The best method is to work with a reputable and hard-working labour placement organization like Matrix Labour Leasing, as well as applying these top tips to your job hunt strategy.

Don’t be afraid of moving down

Accepting a position that is slightly below your most recent pay grade or your last job title might seem like a step down, and honestly it probably is. Consider though, that employers will soon have a bigger pool of workers to choose from and that this is your chance to stand out from the crowd. By accepting a somewhat lower position, you’re in a place to exceed the employer’s expectation by demonstrating the skill and knowledge you’ve collected so far. By over-performing in your new role, you’ll show your employer that you are the right candidate for the next opening at a higher-up position.

Tailor your application to each job description

It is important to show an employer the diverse range of skills and expertise you possess, but employers are primarily interested in how you might fit into the job you’re applying for. In your application, focus your attention on how you can do just that, by highlighting your qualifications and experience that fit directly with that specific job description. Explain your other skills as well, but later on in the application so the employer sees the must important information first.

Learn about the company

Doing your research about what your prospective employer stands for, about the company’s history and current projects can impress the person who hires you. Why? It shows dedication – you took the time to learn more than just the job description. If the person doing the hiring doesn’t ask what you know about the organization, ensure you slip in some information you learned. And don’t forget to put some of your researched facts into the cover letter, too, which can help get your foot in the door.

Work with the pros

Getting hooked up with a well-connected staffing agency like Matrix Labour Leasing is the absolute best way to get that competitive advantage for applying for jobs. Agencies like ours are well-known for providing training and job preparation that puts our talented workers above the rest, and we help match you to job openings that suit you best.

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