How to Work Successfully With a Blue Collar Staffing Agency

Choosing to work with a blue collar staffing agency can provide many benefits, in addition to paying your bills.

Your skills stay up-to-date and you may get an inside track to a more permanent construction job. Temporary work also expands your network and helps you gain experience with new employers.

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Because many employers turn to temp agencies for blue collar staffing solutions, it’s important to know how best to work with recruiters.

Taking the time to fully understand the intricacies of this relationship can avoid any confusion and misunderstanding, helping you find a construction job faster.

How to Work Successfully With a Blue Collar Staffing Agency

Whether you’re looking for project work or a full-time construction job, working with a blue collar staffing agency greatly improves your chances of finding a job that fits your skills, experience and career goals.

If you want to build a successful relationship with a temp agency, you need to understand:

  1. Who the blue collar staffing agency works for

Blue collar staffing agencies are hired, and paid, by companies looking for temporary workers and need help filling vacant labor jobs. This means that a recruiter’s main goal is to find the right talent for their client and not just a job for their candidates.

REMEMBER: A staffing agency wants to place you but never at the expense of their client. They won’t send you for a construction job interview if they feel you are unprepared or not a good fit for the vacancy.


  1. What the staffing agency expects from you

A professional and reliable blue collar staffing agency will work with you early on to set expectations around communication, feedback and the process they follow when setting up interviews for potential labor jobs.

ALWAYS ask these questions before working with a temp agency

  • What can you expect when working for them?
  • How often will they communicate with you? (Daily, Monthly e.t.c)
  • How long will it take until you find a construction job?
  • Will they share feedback with you regarding your interviews and resume?


  1. The importance of transparency & communication

It is important to find a blue collar staffing agency that is open and honest with you and who:

  • Provides feedback that helps emphasize your strengths to potential employers
  • Is truthful when the labor job isn’t the right fit
  • Keeps you informed throughout the interview and hiring process

However, you also need to reciprocate. Temp agencies can only do their jobs well when candidates are honest and clear with them.


  • Accept a job knowing you have interviews for more permanent roles that same week
  • Fail to mention you have a long vacation planned when the job starts
  • Be untruthful about your skill set and experience level


While you may be hesitant to share certain information for fear that it will impact your chances of getting that construction job, not telling the truth can damage your reputation and affect your future job prospects.

  1. How to find a good fit

There are many blue collar staffing agencies available in Calgary and you need to make sure that you find the right fit for your specific needs.

Finding a temp agency that specializes in your industry is a necessity as well as working with someone whom you feel comfortable with and trust to give you honest feedback.

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