Increasing Productivity In The Construction Industry By Shifting To Digital

It is no secret that the construction industry has a reputation for lagging behind technological advances. The construction sector can improve its productivity by making a shift to higher use of digital technologies. In the construction sector many mistakes happen and they lead to cost overruns and mistakes which are extremely expensive for the clients and companies alike. By adopting more digital communications and technologies the construction industry could greatly improve its productivity.

The construction sector suffers from the lowest productivity increases of any industry and low uptake of digital technologies which contributes to poor communications and mistakes in the field which are incredibly costly. By shifting to a more regular use of digital technologies the construction sector could improve its communications and reduce the number of mistakes to greatly increase productivity and prosperity. Call us today to discuss how our Calgary staffing agency can help you hire the top talent for your construction projects and lower your overhead costs and hiring time.

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Matrix Labour Leasing is one of the leading staffing agencies in Calgary. Whether you are looking for a short-term labor job or something more permanent, we are committed to placing our employees in great companies and in a position where they will succeed and advance their career and skills to the next level. With the large amounts of government dollars coming in to fund infrastructure projects, contact Matrix Labour Leasing to ensure you have the right people, ready to go, for whatever project you are starting!

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The Construction Sector Has Had Very Low Productivity Increases Compared To The Global Average

McKinsey in a 2017 report found that the construction sector lagged behind the world average for productivity increases (2.8%) and that closing the productivity gap could increase the global value by $1.6 Trillion. -McKinsey Global Institute Reinventing construction through a productivity revolution

The Construction Sector Suffers From Mistakes Which Cost Huge Amounts Of Capital

Plangrid released a report in 2018 that showed that $177.5 Billion annually in the US was spent on labour for non-optimized activities. 35% of their time was spent on non-optimal activities indicating a huge area for improvement. -PlanGrid Construction Disconnected: Rethinking the management of project data and mobile collaboration to reduce costs and improve schedules

Adoption Of Digital Technologies Is Extremely Low In The Construction Industry And Bringing Their Practices Into The Digital Era Could Increase The Sector’s Productivity And Prosperity

Plangrid found that while 75% of contractors provided mobile devices to project managers, only 18% of them consistently used them! By increasing the quality of communications between clients, contractors and external stakeholders, the industry could avoid many mistakes and increase the productivity and prosperity of the sector significantly.

The construction sector has always been known for being slow to adopt innovations and low productivity because of mistakes which cost the clients and contractors greatly. By adopting a greater use of digital technology the sector could improve it’s communications, reduce mistakes, and improve productivity drastically, leading to greatly enhanced productivity in a post pandemic environment. Call us today to discuss how our Calgary staffing agency can help you to quickly hire the best talent for your project and lower your overhead costs.

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Can outsourcing my company’s hiring needs really save me money?

Yes, by hiring professionals who have already invested in getting to know quality candidates you can save significant resources and get straight to the more qualified candidates for your roles.

Is a short-term labor job a good way to get into the construction industry?

Short-term labor jobs are a great way to get your foot in the door with the construction industry. You can make important connections and see firsthand what different trades are all about.

What construction jobs pay the most?

Crane operators, drillers, and blasters have the highest median income according to Statistics Canada. Check out this article to find out what other construction jobs in Canada pay the most.


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