Is CalgaryNEXT The Next Job Creator in Calgary?

Last week’s article discussed an overview of Calgary’s newly proposed mega-sports arena, CalgaryNEXT. If the proposal is accepted, the new arena will replace the McMahon Stadium as well as the Saddledome. The potential project is estimated to cost $890 million (the majority of which coming from taxpayers) and therefore has received mixed reviews from Calgary residents.

During a press conference with Sports and Entertainment CEO, Ken King and some political figures, the Detroit Events Center was referenced as a prime example of how projects like CalgaryNEXT can stimulate the economy, create jobs and revitalize neglected areas of town.

Since construction of the Detroit Events Center has already begun, I was able to quantify the impact the arena has had on the Detroit so far. Please see the table comparison of the two projects:


CalgaryNEXT Detroit Events Center
Cost $890 million $690 million public
$200 million private
Funding Source $690 million $285 million public
$365 million private
Impact To Be Determined 9300 jobs created

The similarity of the projects is uncanny and during economic times like these, it’s difficult to look past projects that bode job creation like CalgaryNEXT does. Subject matter experts are estimating that the arena will take three years to build and will (potentially) secure approximately 8,000 construction jobs in Calgary and that’s exciting!

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