It's Your Job to Know Your Job

Work Safe Alberta, a government-led initiative to prevent work-related injuries, illnesses, and fatalities, runs a scholarship contest every year for Albertan students. This contest gives students a chance to showcase their creativity through videos demonstrating safe work practices.

One of our favorites is a video from 2013 called “It’s Your Job to Know Your Job” that won Bishop Carroll High School students second place in the contest. The video starts by introducing us to Danger Dan who dies on the job.

The video highlights some of the most important steps that employees can take to reduce their chances of injury on the job by showing all the things that Danger Dan could have done. The students included the following tips:

  1. Wearing protective safety gear like a helmet, goggles, rubber-soled boots and gloves
  2. Asking a more experienced co-worker how to do certain parts of the job
  3. Spending more time training new employees

We love how the video uses editing techniques like rewinding to show Danger Dan going back in time. Quite often if we experience a workplace incident, we can’t help but wish that we could go back in time and do everything right the first time. And it doesn’t hurt that the video balances the serious subject matter with a sense of humor. That might be why it’s one of the most viewed videos on Work Safe Alberta’s youtube page. Check out some other videos and let us know which ones are your favorites.

Matrix believes in workplace safety and we support that Work Safe Alberta is investing in our youth to ensure that the new workforce is a safe workforce. We also educate our employees and our clients on the importance of workplace safety with our COR certification and state-of-the art training facility.

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