Job Vacancy in Alberta: The 2015 Forecast

Overview: With fears of potential layoffs in the oil and gas sector due to dropping oil prices, Albertans should still feel optimistic about the availability of jobs in the province. Third quarter results from last year are in and results show that Alberta had the highest rate of unfilled jobs compared to all other provinces. Read the blog below for more information on job vacancy numbers reported by the Canadian Federation of Independent Business.

Here are the key results from the CFIB report from the third quarter of last year.

  • 66,700 unfilled positions in Alberta’s private sector.
  • Alberta job vacancy rate was 3.9%
  • Saskatchewan’s job vacancy rate was 3.7%
  • National average job vacancy rate was 2.7%
  • 322,000 private sector jobs need filling (Nationally)
  • 7,000 job openings compared to the previous quarter (nationwide) the largest in 2 years in the private sector.

The report finds that there were small increases in unfilled jobs in oil and gas, manufacturing and transportation. There were also fewer job vacancies in industries like agriculture and hospitality. All in all, Alberta’s private job sector had the highest vacancy rate with Saskatchewan not far behind. Small businesses are having difficulties finding qualified employees to fill vacant positions, especially businesses with less than 20 employees.

Trends are showing that jobs in Alberta’s private sector are on a consistent incline and that is good news for workers looking for employment in the province. The dropping price of oil has Albertans worried about potential layoffs but the numbers so far indicate that the job market in the province still remains strong. There is high number of unfilled jobs in the private sector and small businesses struggling to find employees to fill positions. Companies like Matrix Labour Leasing are providing solutions for these vacancies. Industries like construction are showing no signs of slowing down and Matrix is working to meet the demands to fill vacant job positions with trades people and qualified labour employees.

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