Keeping up With Current Staffing Trends

Keep ahead of this year’s blue collar staffing trends & stay competitive as the construction industry changes and grows in 2017.

You’ve likely already set your goals and objectives for 2017, but have you stopped to consider how some of the changing trends in construction jobs may impact the success of your construction business this upcoming year?

Some of these important shifts include:

  • Increase in short-term labor jobs
  • Shortage of skilled workers to fill construction jobs
  • Rise of blue collar staffing agencies

At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leading Calgary blue collar staffing agency, we help construction businesses keep abreast of the latest technologies and trends in the industry to help keep you competitive and growing in the months to come.

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2017 Construction Job Trends

Keeping up with current construction job trends is important if you want to find skilled labor and stay competitive in the construction industry.

Here are four current staffing trends you need to know:

1. There is a widening skills gap

One of the biggest 2017 construction job trends is that while demand for contingent labor is increasing, the supply of qualified candidates is steadily decreasing. As a result, recruiters have to fight harder for a smaller number of viable candidates.

Whether you are looking to fill a short-term labor job or require a full-time employee, you may need to start exploring new recruitment methods to help foster relationships with qualified staffing candidates and stay competitive within the industry.

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2. The blue collar staffing industry is set to grow

As the need for short-term labor increases, more construction companies are turning towards blue collar staffing companies to help fill temporary job vacancies.

Working with a staffing agency has many advantages including:

  • Reduces overtime and overhead costs
  • Increases productivity
  • Quicker and more efficient recruitment process
  • Reduces training time and provides more skilled labor
  • Provides scheduling flexibility

It is inevitable in business that staffing shortages will occur, regardless of how carefully you schedule your full- and part-time employees.

Working with a blue collar staffing agency can mitigate any losses you may incur from such situations and provide your company with a myriad of benefits.

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3. Changing technology will move the construction industry forward

As we move further into 2017, it is becoming increasingly important that construction companies and blue collar staffing firms find ways to integrate new technologies into their recruitment and hiring model.

At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leader in blue staffing solutions and labor placement, we believe that a company’s success is determined by its workforce.

That’s why we strive to find the perfect match between vacant short- and long-term labor jobs and the right candidates.

Our innovative, business-orientated social networking site, Matrix Connect, allows for accurate skilled trades recruitment and helps you fill vacant jobs as soon as possible.

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Using Social Media as a Staffing Tool

Today, with the great advancements in technology, construction companies are coming up with innovative ways to connect with the best and brightest skilled workers out there. This especially involves the use of social media and other networking sites.

Here are four reasons to closely monitor social networking sites in the coming year:

Connect with Top Candidates

Don’t wait until you have a vacant construction job to start building a relationship with qualified professionals.

Networking with them on social media allows you to build a candidate pool so you know where to turn when you need to fill an open position.

Strengthen Your Reputation Building a strong online brand helps show potential skilled workers why your company is a great place to work, encouraging them to join your team.
Manage Expectations

Up-and-coming millennials have very different needs than candidates from the Baby Boomer generation.

Use social media to listen to the expectations of these different groups so you can adjust accordingly.

Know Where to Find Job Seekers

In the past, finding candidates for construction jobs was easy. These days, it can be hard to keep up with the most qualified workers

It’s important to stay on top of current trends so you always now the best ways to reach them.

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