Letter from Our Founder

Thank you for taking the time to review our prospectus.  My name is Shannon Warren and I am the CEO and founder of Matrix Labour Leasing, one of the fastest-growing staffing agency for Alberta’s skilled-trades workforce. Though we are based in Calgary we now boast clients from around the world.

I built this company from nothing ­– our first office space was my basement – because of experiences I’d had as a skilled trades worker.  The first thing I learned was what not to do as a leader, because I saw how it negatively impacted my work-life balance.  Two things that really stood out were:  

The fact that my fluctuating income made it difficult for me to achieve financial stability

Dealing with disorganized management structures severely impacted the quality of my work .

I saw the effect that all that had on staff retention in my industry, as well as the impact it all had on the quality of work that came from people in this precarious position.  This inspired me to start an employee-centric labour supply company that always put my people first.  Happy staff do better work and create happier clients.

13 years and 80 million dollars in sales later, we have grown. Despite our expansion our roots remain intact.  As we expand, every decision references our pioneering mandate:

How do we build a best in class organization that people gravitate towards?  How do we build a culture employees feel privileged to be a part of regardless of oil prices, labour supply and demand?  

When you are starting up, you have to reuse paper clips to save money on office supplies. Money is tight and every penny counts.  As you expand, your focus shifts to where you should be spending your money.  Do you invest in real estate? Infrastructure? Technology? Marketing?  The answer is yes. You invest in all of those areas so that you can develop a well rounded company.

The purpose of this document is to explain to you who we are, what we value, how we are differentiated and why you should consider working with us.  Please feel free to contact me anytime with questions or feedback.  

Looking forward to working with you!

Shannon Warren

Shannon Warren - CEO and Founder

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