Looking for a Job?

Though the economy may be facing tough times, Calgary’s construction industry is still going strong. With the new CalgaryNEXT stadium, the C-Train Green Line and the revitalization of Calgary’s East Village all set to create more construction jobs, you want to be sure you aren’t left behind. Get an edge over the competition and help put your name at the top of the pile by working for Matrix Labour Leasing, Calgary’s most trusted temporary labour force solution for over a decade.

Matrix uses a variety of tools to help match skilled tradespeople like you with the companies that need them. Our newest tool is the Matrix Labour Connect website, Canada’s first business-orientated social networking site.

Matrix Connect lets you create a profile, post your resume and browse job postings with ease. By keeping all of your important information, such as contact information, employment history, resume and proof of various certifications in one place, the job application process is simplified and streamlined. It even offers you advice on how to better flesh out your profile to increase your chances of landing an interview and matches you with job postings that you are best suited for based on your skills and level of experience.

Companies can even interview you virtually using the Interview Room. This allows the interviewer to post questions for you to answer, giving you time to think your answers through and not have to worry about setting aside time for an interview or bother with transportation.

So what are you waiting for? Visit matrixlabourleasing.com today for more information or call us at 403-201-9520. You can register for Matrix Labour Connect by visiting matrix.labourconnect.ca. Registration is free and takes less than 2 minutes.

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