Looking for a Job in Alberta's Shrinking Market? Matrix Can Help!

Late last week, one of the hottest topics on the news was yet another downturn in the Alberta oil sands economy, which is resulting in job losses across the province, especially in Fort McMurray, Edmonton and Calgary. Despite that, there are still lots of job openings available for people looking for work. So how can you gain an edge in a slowing job market and land a great position?

There are a few answers to the question:

Established connections

Everyone’s heard the mantra, “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know.” When the Alberta job market gets tough, that mantra rings truer than ever. Having connections that can hook prospective workers up with the companies that are hiring is absolutely vital to any job-seeker’s success. Further, it’s those connections that can notify you of a job opening before everyone else hears about it, allowing you to get your foot in the door before the stampede of hopefuls begins.

That’s why working with an Alberta-based staffing agency that’s been around for years and has established connections with the strongest employers in the Alberta economy is key to success. Matrix Labour Leasing works for labourers and prides itself on putting people first. When a job opening in Fort McMurray comes available, Matrix is not only the first to know, we’re trusted by employers to find the right fit for that position, thanks to our pre-screening process for all of our employees.

Impeccable training

Safety training is a necessity for all employees and employers in the Alberta blue-collar economy, whether that’s the Fort McMurray oil sands, or the Calgary construction industry. Showing an employer that you’re fully trained and certified with all the right tickets will set your application miles ahead of the others. Employers often don’t want to spend the money and time to train employees, so that’s why Matrix Labour Leasing takes on the task, putting our employees through safety and field-related training programs. These advantages help our employees stand out in a competitive market.

On-the-job experience

Knowing how to highlight your work experience in the Alberta oil sands or the construction industry can help move your resume to the top of the pile for new job openings in Fort McMurray, Edmonton or Calgary. The team at Matrix Labour Leasing offers services like resume writing tips to coach you on the best way to showcase your existing experience and how to relate that experience to the job description in a posting you’re after.

If you’re looking for work in Alberta, be it Edmonton, Calgary or Fort McMurray, these are competitive times. Stand out from the pack and give yourself the advantage that can earn you a prime new job that suits you perfectly by working with Matrix Labour Leasing based in Calgary. Call us at 403-201-9520 to get started or sign up with Matrix Connect’s social-style job postings forum today.

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