Matrix Connect and the Alberta Labour Industry

One of the biggest barriers to connecting the right workers to the right employers in the Calgary construction industry, as well as the general labour industry in Calgary, Fort McMurray and Edmonton, is the outdated process through which that used to happen.

That’s why recently, Matrix Labour Leasing, based in Calgary, but serving the whole Alberta blue-collar labour industry, created Matrix Connect. In a way, it’s like the Facebook of job hunting, and it’s already revolutionizing the way Alberta’s blue-collar workforce looks for, and finds, the jobs they were meant for.

Combining the benefits of creating a profile tailored to each worker’s skills, training and career goals, plus a simple one-click application process and the option to create social connections with coworkers and potential employers in the industry, Connect has streamlined the process. The results are:

  • workers are more likely to apply to more jobs they’re qualified for
  • it’s easier for employers to screen applications for the best worker for the position
  • posting jobs is easier and most cost-effective for employers
  • labourers are constantly connected to alerts about job postings that might interest them
  • more engagement between labourers, who have the opportunity to comment on job postings
  • an improved sense social wellbeing and connectivity, thanks to the ability to “friend” follow labourers and send private messages.

The community of workers and employers joining Matrix Connect has grown exponentially since the site’s inception, and it’s no mystery why. Matrix Labour Leasing has always had as its mandate the goal of making it easy on workers to find great jobs in Calgary, Edmonton or Fort McMurray. Connect was a natural extension of that core value and we’re excited about the possibilities this new chapter brings, not only for us, but for our employees and employers.

Sign up for Matrix Connect here.

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