Matrix HR and The Haisla Nation- A Joint Venture Partnership With A Focus On Prosperity

Matrix HR and The Haisla Nation- A Joint Venture Partnership With A Focus On Prosperity

Matrix HR has announced it's partnering with the Haisla First Nation to provide Indigenous labour solutions for the upcoming projects in northwest British Columbia. Read on to find out more about the exciting new joint venture. 

Matrix HR (“Matrix”) is pleased to announce a significant new joint venture partnership between our organisation and the Haisla Nation in the northern coastal region of British Columbia. Under this important partnership, Matrix will leverage its robust network of skilled and qualified construction labour resources and its comprehensive catalogue of HR services to facilitate enriching and profitable contracts between the Haisla Nation and companies across a broad spectrum of industries.

“We aim to provide hundreds of employment opportunities for workers within the Haisla Nation and neighbouring communities and to deliver labour and HR solutions that will result in economic development and sustainable models of employment from which we can all benefit,” says Shannon Warren, Founder and CEO of Matrix HR.

This joint venture demonstrates Matrix HR’s mandate to prioritise diversity and inclusion with an ongoing commitment to establishing cooperative and collaborative relationships with First Nations partners. It is our mission to deliver value with a focus on employment, skills training, and revenue sharing.

“Embracing the rich cultural heritage and values of the Haisla First Nations community, “ says Shannon Warren. “We believe this joint venture partnership is a powerful testament to the strength of diversity and inclusivity where our collective knowledge and experiences empower us to create sustainable opportunities and foster a bright future.”

About Matrix HR

With a history spanning two decades, Matrix stands as a reputable force in the landscape of staffing and HR services. Our expertise lies in recruitment and staffing, payroll administration and funding, as well as back-office facilitation, employing effective strategies such as Employment of Record (EOR) for clients in each province and territory of Canada and now, in the US. Matrix has fostered a reputation for successful placement of highly skilled and experienced candidates in all trades including pipeline workers, labourers, leadership/management, administration and information technology specialists for industrial, commercial and civil construction. Matrix is COR-certified by Energy Safety Canada in SK, AB, and BC, on ComplyWorks, ISNetWorld & Avetta. Headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, we have accumulated over 5 million employment hours and we proudly serve a wide range of industries, solidifying our expertise and dedication to excellence and propelling our clients towards unprecedented success on a global scale.

About The Haisla Nation

The Haisla, known as the "dwellers downriver," hold a deep ancestral connection to their lands. Presently, the Haisla community finds its heart in Kitamaat Village, situated at the head of the Douglas Channel in British Columbia. Within this village reside approximately 700 of the 2023+ Haisla members, while others can be found in locations like Kitimat, Terrace, Prince Rupert, the metro Vancouver area, and even the United States. The Haisla Nation comprises the Kitamaat and Kitlope bands, along with neighbouring Heiltsuk and Wuikinuxv bands. Living off the land and water has always been vital to the Haisla, who sustain themselves through these resources. Preservation for future generations is a shared commitment, as these resources provide sustenance, shelter, and livelihood, preserving their heritage and paving the way for the future.

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