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Update from Founder & CEO Shannon Warren

As we start to see evidence of our economy recovering, I thought this would be an appropriate time to update you all on the progress of our companies and our activities over the past year and a half. 

Job Creation

Hundreds of thousands of people were affected by the downturn. At its onset, our mandate was to first, ensure the stability of our existing employee base and subsequently create as much employment as possible within our city. In 2016, Matrix generated over 200,000 man hours of employment followed by our sister company Align Staffing at 100,000 hours. We expect that we will be able to build on this substantially for the 2017/2018 fiscal years. 

Acquisitions and Restructuring 

Acquisition: To supplement our temporary placement practice, in 2017, Matrix acquired Hunting Recruitment. Through this acquisition, we are now fully equipped to offer Permanent Placement Services to our clients immediately. 

Restructuring: After several months of negotiations and consideration, Align's ownership has been restructured and we are introducing a new partner who will augment our already strong capability to employ and place indigenous skilled trades to current and prospective client projects across Canada. 

Investment in Technology

Bullhorn - Matrix has selected Bullhorn as our ERP for the purpose of time tracking, ticket management and on boarding. We believe that powering our robust recruiting/training/on boarding processes with Bullhorn's cutting edge technology will offer greater transparency to our clients (who now have access to real-time approvals and reporting) and granular metrics to our executive team for further innovation and decision making. 

Management Team

Over the past eight months, we have had the privilege of retaining some of the industry’s top recruitment and business development professionals in BC and Alberta in order to expand our capable and passionate management team.

Our current management team has a diverse but complementary array of experience. Our team members’ expertise includes providing temporary and permanent staffing in the oil and gas industry; HR; labour relations; as well as technology and marketing. We are very excited about this new phase in our company’s growth and anticipate that our team’s expanded bandwidth will allow us to bring additional value to both our workers and our clients.  

Our Search For Outstanding Talent and Incredible Clients

To work for the Matrix Group is to join an inclusive culture of high performance, opportunity, and stability. To work with Matrix is to engage one of the industry's top industrial, construction, oil and gas staffing companies for the efficient and cost effective placement of temporary and permanent skilled trades. With our full-service staffing model, our clients know that safety training, HR matters, and payroll are in expert hands, meaning that they can focus on growing their business.

Our journey continues...

Shannon Warren

Founder and CEO
Matrix Labour Leasing Ltd.
Align Personnel Ltd.

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