Mike Legault, Vice President of Operations

Mike Legault, Matrix Labour Leasing’s Vice President of Operations, was born and raised in Kitchener Ontario and attended York University. There he earned a bachelor of arts degree, with a heavy interest in labour relations issues. To pay his way through university Mike drove a tractor trailer, giving him a unique perspective that he is now able to offer to Matrix. Mike is able to view labour relations and human resource issues from both sides, and is known for being a fair and honest arbitrator. He worked in the transportation industry for over 20 years both in and out of the office, allowing him to work with individuals in all aspects of the transportation business. These strong relationships help him to constantly continue to evolve and grow professionally and personally.

His expertise in labour relations has made him a valuable asset at Matrix Labour Leasing. Mike has spent the last 13 years working in Human Resources positions and has become an indispensible member of Matrix Labour Leasing. Every day he works to continually foster relationships based on trust and respect both with our employees and our clients. Like all Matrix employees and partners Mike places a strong emphasis on safety, working tirelessly to ensure we live up to our promise to ensure all employees can work in a safe and respectful environment. Matrix employees know that Mike’s door is always open if they have questions or concerns, and that all issues will be seriously considered and addressed promptly and respectfully.

Mike and the rest of the Matrix Labour Leasing team continue to work hard every day to remain on the cutting edge of the full service skilled labour placement model. They are able to do this because Mike and the rest of the team have never lost sight of what the company’s most important asset is - its employees. This people focused view has allowed them to continually grow and expand and lead Matrix Labour Leasing boldly into the future.

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