Projected Job Growth for Alberta: Edmonton and Calgary on the way up


Albertans have enjoyed the steady pace of job growth and demands for the past several years. The results from a recent labour-market study show that the future in Alberta will have plentiful job growth for the next 5 years. Read the blog below to learn more about future job trends in Alberta.


The city of Calgary is projected to have continual job growth for the next several years. Calgary is only second to Edmonton for projected job growth and is predicted to be up 7% by 2020 compared to the labour market figures of 2014. Calgary is expected to have 911,000 jobs in 2020 and the jobs will vary from industry to industry. Calgary along with Vancouver and Toronto will have increased demands for mechanical engineers, software engineers and for the IT sector. There will also be a greater demand for High School and Primary school teachers over the same period.


The city of Edmonton is projected to have the highest job growth among all the big Canadian cities for the next 6 years. The labour-market study reports that in the upcoming 6-year period, Edmonton will create almost 60,000 new jobs and by 2020 the city is expected to have nearly 844,000 jobs total. The following job demands is expected to grow by 21% over the next several years in Edmonton:

  • Public Health
  • Environmental Health
  • Occupational Health
  • Safety Inspectors

There will be continued demand for tradespeople in both Calgary and Edmonton that include: welders, electricians and heavy-duty mechanics. People working in the trades can expect a median hourly wage of $28 an hour. There will be additional job growth expected for retail sales, welders, machine operators and registered nurses.

Bottom Line

With the price of oil dropping, experts agree that job growth in 2015 may slow down a little, but the projection remains high in Alberta for the next 5 years. With the steady projected job growth, people all across Canada can plan their careers knowing that there is a demand in various industries. The team at Matrix is helping to fill the increased demand in Alberta for highly skilled trades workers. If you’re looking to towards the future and want to be apart of the job growth in Alberta, contact the experts at Matrix to begin your new career.

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