Reporting Injuries

Reporting injuries and near misses immediately to your supervisor is crucial to our safety program and WBC claim management. It helps identify any common trends and allows us to implement corrective actions sooner if required. 

Matrix follows a stringent modified work program and we are asking all employees and supervisors to take the following steps when we are faced with a workplace injury:

  1. Tend to the injured worker (first aid if required, transport to medical aid)
  2. Investigate the incident and record (attach witness statements)
  3. Send all paperwork to office (investigations, physician’s report, witness statements) The office can then fill out an Employer’s report with WCB to start a case/claim
  4. If the worker is fit for modified duties, have the worker sign a modified work offer. (a list of acceptable modified work duties, hours of work and the duration of the offer will be presented on the form)
  5. Continuously monitor progress and submit physicians/physio reports to the office.
  6. Once the worker is cleared for full duties, a clearance letter must be submitted to the office
  7. While the worker is on modified work, please make sure he is following the hours of work and duties offered to him/her. This will promote healing of the injury and get the employee back to work quicker performing full duties. Please contact Jason anytime with questions or concerns on injuries/modified workers.

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