Safety Gear on Construction Sites

It doesn’t matter what industry you work in, safety is key to continuing production and keeping a business operational. Employees don’t want to be out of work due to an injury, just as much as employers don’t want them to be. However, accidents can happen on construction jobsites. With the demand for steel products increasing globally and the numerous labour jobs available in Alberta rising, there has been a greater emphasis on producing quality safety equipment. Read the blog below to find out how companies like Matrix Labour Leasing in Alberta are working at protecting employees by using quality safety gear.

The “hard hat” has become a staple and symbol of safety on every construction site, but that's just one piece of safety hardware found at the job. Safety officials, along with employees, need to be on top of replacing worn out gear, remembering that some items break down faster than others. For example, steel-toed boots have longer lifespans than gloves and protective clothing. Safety is not just exclusive to injuries. Getting sick on the jobsite is also an area that needs attention. Weather can play a factor in the choice of what safety gear an employee needs to wear, i.e. proper jackets for rain can help prevent a worker from catching a cold.

There has been a global increase in companies researching and manufacturing safety gear for the construction industry. For example, companies are manufacturing higher quality gloves and clothing that are heat resistant or designed to prevent cutting. There have also been advancements in auto-darkening welding helmets, safety harnesses and reusable respirators.

Matrix Labour Leasing acknowledges the importance and the benefits of protecting employees in the construction industry with both safety training and proper equipment. Keeping workers safe on any job site reduces liability costs, but more importantly, there is higher productivity, which means that projects remain on schedule. In the long run, both the employee and employer benefit when a worker is safe on the job site.

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