Safety on Construction Sites

Working in the construction industry in Alberta is a rewarding and prosperous career, but can also be physically demanding on your body. Using equipment, moving heavy loads and climbing scaffolds can take its toll on your body; however, if you perform tasks on the job site properly, you will avoid any unnecessary injuries. At Matrix Labour Leasing we want you to continue to have a successful career, read the following blog on how to avoid common injuries on the job site.

There aren’t too many guarantees in life, but you can count on someone saying “lift with your legs, NOT your back” when helping friends move. That advice doesn’t ring truer than on a construction site, where you’re consistently lifting heavy equipment and building materials. Backaches are kryptonite for a construction worker, so remember to always bend your knees and use the power of your legs when moving heavy loads at the workplace.

Carpal tunnel syndrome is NOT just for office employees, you can develop this condition at constructions sites by using poorly designed and ill fitted tools. Replace tools that have worn out grips or just don’t feel right when you use them. It’s also important to note that many power tools have preferred settings that lower vibrations thus putting less stress on your body.

Avoid squatting or hunching over for long durations when working at lower levels. If you have to work on a task that is lower to the ground, use a stool to alleviate any unnecessary stress on your body, specifically your back. Don’t underestimate the power of your tool belt; it can actually throw your body out of alignment. Take the time to balance your tool belt and distribute the weight evenly around it.

Use the tips we’ve written in this blog and emphasize workplace safety with your fellow colleagues to ensure that you don’t have an unnecessary injury while working. If you’re looking for jobs in the construction industry in Alberta, contact Matrix Labour Leasing today in Calgary at 403-201-9520 or email us at Better yet, visit and kick-start your career today!

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