Staying Safe on the Road

Calgary streets can seem more dangerous then the Indianapolis speedway, and can make for an occupational hazard for people who earn a living driving. Unlike controlled worksites, driving services are out on Calgary streets with everyday commuters and all types of road conditions. At Matrix Labour Leasing, our mandate is to promote the highest standards of safety for employees on worksites and on the roads.

We’re lucky to live in Alberta, where there always seem to be plentiful jobs, even when the economy isn’t prospering. There are a variety of jobs in the field of transportation and driving, all of which play key roles in their industries. In the last decade, you’ve noticed there are a lot more dump trucks on city roads, due to the healthy construction industry. Water truck drivers work alongside earthmovers, bus drivers transport all industry workers from one job site to another. Although driving jobs aren’t always at one worksite, it doesn’t mean that workplace safety does not apply to them, and employers need to encourage an atmosphere that promotes safety.

Above and beyond safety training, at Matrix, we are encouraging employees to voice any concerns they have on the roads. Dangerous driving habits sometimes develop over time and also become a subject that employees are nervous to talk about. Bad driving habits can include:

  • distracted driving
  • driving while fatigued
  • driving without wearing a seatbelt, and
  • aggressive driving

An issue that is common in many workplaces is when employees don’t know how to approach supervisors with concerns about other co-workers. Communication and support for employees is key at Matrix, and we promote an environment that is easily accessible by all employees to voice their positive suggestions. We have established a strong safety campaign for all trades and this includes drivers. By encouraging safe driving practices and by having a forum for employees to discuss ideas, we eliminate potential stress that drivers can endure on the roads and lower the risk of an accident.

Ultimately, we care about the safety of all our employees, from workers at construction sites, to drivers and the general public. With our safety mandate and having open lines of communication, Matrix Labour Leasing has continuously provided various industries with productive workers who take pride in their craft.

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