The 5 Most In-Demand Trades of 2020

Wondering what the five most in-demand trades of 2020 are? Lucky for you, we've got the list down below. 

The ebb and flow of the trades industry has produced a new cream of the crop when it comes to the most in-demand trades for 2020. From powerline technicians to pipefitters, here are the top five in-demand trades of the current year. 

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The Most In-Demand Trades of 2020

When it comes to determining the most in-demand trades for 2020, money talks. That's why the trades which made the list below did so. With the old way of going to university and securing a job freshly after graduating no longer providing the same results as it used to, many more people are considering a career in the trades. Here are the top five that draw the biggest paycheques. 

1. Construction manager

Combining school, experience, and passion into a lifelong career, becoming a construction manager is no easy feat. But the time it takes to become one is worth it. With a median hourly wage of $40/hr and over 28,000 projected job openings, this is a trade you certainly want to consider. 

2. Pipefitter

Commonly referred to as a steamfitter as well, pipefitters are set to make a median hourly wage of $36/hr with 7,100 projected job openings coming up. A lot of those currently in the trade describe pipefitting as one of the most interesting trades out there, combining design and hands on work into one high paying job. 


3. Powerline technician

If you have no qualms about working up high with extremely high amounts of electricity, then this trade may be for you. It comes with a $38.46/hr median hourly wage and 6,600 projected job openings. 

4. Oil and gas driller

While the oilpatch has hit a rough spell, there's still good money to be made working as an oil and gas driller. This trade requires long stretches of remote work, but makes up for it with a median hourly wage of $38/hr and a healthy projected job openings figure of 7,400. 


5. Industrial, commercial, or residential electrician

Electrical work pays. Literally. Whether you want to work as an industrial electrician or would rather ply your trade in the commercial and residential sector, either option will provide a steady income and ample job opportunities down the road. The median hourly wage for industrial electricians is $33.19/hr while commercial and residential ones can expect $32/hr. As for projected job openings, it's 14,500 for the former and 30,800 for the latter. 

Honourable mentions

While the five trades above provide the biggest monetary incentive to enter each respective career path, they're hardly the only options out there for those who want to earn a solid income by joining the trades. Here are some of the other most in-demand trades for 2020 and their corresponding median hourly wages. 

  • Heavy duty mechanic ($32/hr)
  • Plumber ($30/hr)
  • Welder ($25/hr)
  • Carpenter ($25/hr)

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