The Impact of The Electrician Shortage

With blue-collar workers aging out of construction jobs faster than they can be replaced, the country is facing a serious electrician shortage.

There may be young prospects learning the trade and eager to fill the electrician labor jobs, but they don’t have the necessary experience.

Bridging this gap is possible but how will the shortage affect the growing vacancies in Calgary construction jobs in the meantime?

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How To Find A Qualified Electrician

Electricians are highly sought after in commercial, industrial and residential spheres. However, due to the skilled labor shortage, it has become increasingly difficult to locate a qualified professional to fill an electrician construction job vacancy.

At Matrix Labour Leasing, a leader in staffing solutions and construction labor placement, we strive to find the perfect match between job roles and the right candidates.

Using an innovative, business-orientated networking site, Matrix Labor Connect, we help match skilled electricians with the relevant vacant construction jobs. It’s FREE to join and takes 2 minutes to sign up.

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Training Programs At Matrix Labor Leasing

At Matrix Labor Leasing, we believe that the success of a company is highly dependant on the skill and professionalism of its workforce.

Our construction labor placement company ensures that all our staff is trained in the relevant safety procedures of their professional field. We offer a variety of on-site safety training courses as well as a partial tuition reimbursement program through the Merit Contractors Association.

By improving our employees’ knowledge of their chosen trade and worksite safety practices, we are able to benefit from their increased qualifications, offering the best construction job placement services to our clients.

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How To Solve Your Electrician Shortage Problem

Do you have an electrician construction job vacancy that you are struggling to fill? Electrical contractors who strive to stand out from the crowd and make their companies more attractive places to work will be able to easily lure in new talent.

Here are 3 ways of ensuring you fill that vacant electrician labor job:

Improve Your Technology

Demonstrate that you are committed to the most innovative, latest electrician work practices by investing in cutting-edge technology.

In today’s work environment, electricians don’t want a construction job in which they have to work with outdated equipment.

To fill those labor job vacancies, challenge your company to become more progressive & efficient.

Competitive Pay

When there are more open labor jobs than available electricians, it’s up to the employer to provide a competitive wage.

Investing in an electrician means that they will be more loyal to your company and less likely to look for another job.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

Entice and keep employees in a construction job by offering a clear career advancement path.

Providing training courses and certifications are also a good way to appreciate your employees, letting them know you are giving them room for professional growth.

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