The Matrix Advantage: Onsite Management Teams

Project Management is an integral role in any task. In our experience, having access to management during projects creates cohesion and organization amongst employees, helps maintain scheduled deliverables and evaluate change orders and issues that may arise.


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We were recently recognized for Outstanding Work on the $800 million South East Ring Road.  We attest our success to employing trained and competent construction employees as well as having a management team onsite throughout the entire project.


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The South East Ring Road Project spanned over the course of three years and reached completion in 2013. This effort required 60 Matrix employees who worked over 150K hours with the assistance of management team working 250 hours per year.        


Providing access to onsite management has proven to be very advantageous in our industry. A few of the advantages we’ve experienced are:


·      Ordering Materials

·      Managing Requirements

·      Hiring Subcontractors

·      Cost Estimates

·      Obtaining Permits & Inspections

·      Negotiating Costs


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We feel that onsite management teams are highly beneficial to our employees, to our work schedules and our clients.  If you want to experience the Matrix Advantage, give us a call today.


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