The Need for Skilled Labour

The state of Michigan has garnered lots of notoriety in the past few years for all the wrong reasons. The state wanted to transform itself from being a powerhouse of skill workers in the auto industry, to an east coast version of Silicon-Valley. They weren’t alone in their goals of a technology based economy, and many other states followed the same game plan; however, with the car industry booming and with older employees set to retire, there is no one to replace them. The demand and importance of skilled workers south of the border in Michigan is not surprising to us at Matrix Labour Leasing, because similarly in Alberta, the same demand exists, even in the slower economy.

With a greater demand for skilled workers in Michigan the government is encouraging the state to produce more welders, mechanics, electricians, machinists and other blue-collar workers. In a reversal of philosophy, the state is returning to their roots by proposing a new budget that would have a 75% increase on trades training. In the 9 years from 2000-2009 Michigan lost 860,000 jobs, but since the end of the recession a third of the jobs have returned. The need for skilled workers in Michigan is not slowing down anytime soon, especially with older workers getting ready to leave the work force.

Some might argue that comparing the labour market in Michigan with that of Alberta is apples and oranges; however, at Matrix Labour Leasing we feel the same when it comes to an emphasis on producing workers that can actually build things. As we wrote in last week’s blog, Matrix Labour Leasing encourages students and adults to pursue education in the trades or at the very least consider it just as much as a university education. Investing in a trade education can give your career the boost it needs.

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