The Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Workers

Are you considering hiring temporary workers to help meet your labour demands? Here are the pros and cons of deciding to do so. 

Hiring temporary workers can be a great way to quickly address a labour crunch at your company. But there are also drawbacks to enlisting their services. In our article this week, our Calgary labour staffing agency will look more closely at the advantages and disadvantages of hiring temporary workers to help your business. 

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The Pros and Cons of Hiring Temporary Workers

There's been a steady increase of temp workers across the global business landscape in recent years. These workers have become highly valued by companies that are expanding, or ones that have fluctuating workloads. But is hiring a temporary worker the right decision for your business? Read through our pros and cons to find out. 

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Pros of Hiring Temporary Workers

Available right away: By far the biggest advantage of hiring a temporary worker is their ability to start right away. There's no need to screen candidates and conduct interviews, a costly and time-consuming process. If you use a reputable staffing agency that has access to a large database of workers — like Matrix Labour Leasing — then you can be sent a qualified and competent worker that can fill your vacant role immediately. 

Helps you respond to fluctuating workloads: The natural ebb and flow of your business may see you require more workers during a certain period of the year. Or there may be a time when your employees have their vacations overlap. No matter the cause, there's usually some fluctuation when it comes to the amount of work your company needs done throughout the year and your ability as a company to do it. Using a temporary worker to bridge those gaps is a great way to save your business both time and money. 

Allows you to evaluate a worker without committing to them: Hiring a temporary worker to fill a vacancy within your company allows you to evaluate their skills without having to commit to hiring them full time. After seeing whether they have the chops to stick around and add value to your organization, you can bring them on permanently. If they're only so-so and not quite what you're looking for, you can simply cut ties with them once their contract is over without having to worry about firing them, providing them severance, or dealing with their Employment Insurance claim. 

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Cons of Hiring Temporary Workers

Safety concerns: Research has shown that temporary workers suffer more workplace injuries than their salaried counterparts, especially when it comes to jobs that are inherently more dangerous. As a result, proper safety training for temporary workers is a must so they're fully brought up to speed with your machinery, equipment, or procedures. 

Constant training: If you tap temporary workers to help your business, they'll have to be brought up to speed on how everything works and how you like everything to be done. Even if they're highly qualified, there will usually be some sunken costs getting them acclimated to your operation. 

Camaraderie concerns: Temporary workers don't have the luxury of fully integrating into your team due to the nature of their position. This could cause your permanent employees to treat your temp workers as disposable, with them not taking the time to get to know them or help them. This could lead to a divisive team atmosphere amongst your staff, wherein the permanent workers are pitted against the temporary ones. That's why it's extremely important to make sure all your employees are on the same page and that your permanent ones are welcoming to their temporary colleagues. 

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