The Safety Mindset You Need On Alberta Construction Sites

In last week’s blog, we discussed the physical stress that worker’s bodies’ can endure on a construction site.

In this week’s blog, we’re going to look at mindset and awareness which are equally important as a preventative measure for workplaces injuries. 

If you observe any construction site in Alberta, you’re going to see major activity from heavy-duty equipment, to employees working as a team, numerous moving parts and a lot of noise. We always encourage our employees before starting their shift to ask themselves, what they've done to make the job site safer. Staff in-charge of safety should routinely check and make sure that workers are using all the safety equipment provided.

The construction site is always changing. On any given day, a new piece of equipment or heavy-duty tools can be introduced to the job site. It is the safety professionals and employees responsibility to make sure they are aware of new potential hazards. The weather also plays a factor in the workplace environment. Rain and cold weather greatly increase the chance of employees slipping and falling.

One of the most important and effective safety measure any construction site can implement is having an environment where employees can express concerns to management. Safety professionals need to have regular conversations with site supervisors and employees to stay up to date on all safety issues. Furthermore, when safety concerns are brought to management’s attention, there has to be corrective actions taken to fix them.

At Matrix Labour Leasing we make sure that all safety issues brought to our attention are dealt with accordingly and in a timely fashion.

We encourage you to be aware of your surroundings while working on any construction site.

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