The Suit & Tie vs. The Fluorescent Vest

When you graduate from high school, rumor has it that university is the only way to create a stable career and have a lifelong income. But the world is evolving, and change is slowly creeping up behind us.

The person with the big house and speedy sports car used to be the downtown, office building worker wearing the suit and tie. Now the lavish house could just as easily belong to someone wearing a Fluorescent vest, swinging the hammer. These days we are seeing that there are many more options for young people who choose to embark in their careers and select a different path from post-secondary education.

Many of our employees here at Matrix are the living proof of this theory. With hard work and dedication, they have learned their skills with hands on experience. Matrix employees have come to be some of our best assets to our clients.

The fluorescent vest, otherwise known as the blue-collar working class, is now recognized as the mark of success.

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