Top Construction Careers

5 Top Paying Construction Jobs in Canada

Working in construction can be strenuous and intense but it can also bring opportunities to find rewarding and high-paying jobs. While some roles require academic qualifications or a completed apprenticeship, many top construction careers begin in entry-level or labourer jobs.

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Check out the list of some of the best paid construction jobs and let us help set you on the right track to a successful and long career.

  1. Construction Supervisor

Who they are: Construction supervisors are present at every level of the construction project: from the planning stages, contact with the contractors, handling the equipment & material logistics - right to project completion.

Responsibilities: A construction supervisor’s job requires project planning, obtaining relevant equipment and materials and arranging personnel.

Qualifications: This construction job is demanding and may require academic qualification although many supervisors work their way up through practical experience.

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  1. Line Supervisor

Who they are:A line supervisor directly manages and coordinates the activities of construction workers such as plumbers and electricians.

Responsibilities: Line supervisors must be able to understand plans, manage schedules and coordinate with management personnel.

Qualifications: This construction job is more specialized than that of a construction supervisor and requires technical and mathematical abilities.

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  1. Electrician

Who they are: An electrician is a tradesperson who installs and maintains electrical and power systems for homes, businesses, factories and other buildings.

Responsibilities: An electrician’s job on the construction site will vary depending on the project. They could be expected to oversee an entire building’s electrical installation or work on only a small aspect of it.

Qualifications: Vocational education and training is a must for electricians since this work is strictly governed by safety standards.

  1. Carpenters

Who they are: The primary job of a carpenter is the cutting, shaping and installing of building materials during a construction project.

Responsibilities: Depending on the construction project, a carpenter may be involved in a major or minor capacity. Their main responsibility is to complement the structural work or add finishing touches such as installing cabinets or hanging doors.

Qualifications: While traineeships are vital in developing carpentry skills, spending some time learning the discipline is advisable.

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  1. Equipment Operators

Who they are: Equipment operators operate heavy equipment used in the construction and maintenance of roads, bridges, airports, gas and oil pipelines among other construction projects.

Responsibilities: As an equipment operator, your job on the construction site will include operating heavy equipment such as bulldozers and backhoes to lift, move or place materials. You will also be in charge of inspecting, cleaning and lubricating the construction equipment.

Qualifications: Qualified equipment operators are valuable on any construction site but you will need to go through some formal training and an apprenticeship.

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