Why Hard Hats Are So Important


For something so simple, the hard hat is an extremely important piece of equipment. But do you take it for granted? Not wearing your hard hat and underestimating its importance can put you in severe danger, and sometimes even cost your life. To find out why the humble hard hat is so important, read the blog below.

Why Do I Need to Wear a Hard Hat?

It may seem unnecessary when you've been working for many years accident-free, but it just takes one small piece of debris to change your life for ever. Additionally, when you're on site it's essential that you wear your hat at all times – even if you've forgot something small and need to run back and get it, it only takes a second to incur a serious head injury.

A recent tragic accident in the U.S. saw a worker killed by a falling tape measure while he was talking to a co-worker without his hard hat on (full article here). While this is a rare case, it highlights the dangers of not wearing your hard hat for even just a short period of time. The only way to protect yourself is by consistently following hard hat and PPE protocol, no matter how “pointless” it may seem.

The Importance of Correct Fit

Making sure your hard hat is the right fit for your head is almost just as important as wearing one in the first place. Much of the impact protection comes from the space that the hard hat creates between its outer shell and your head, and if your hat is not fitted correctly its ability to protect you can be severely compromised.

Hard Hats Still Have Limitations

Wearing a hard hat at all times will greatly improve your personal safety, but it will not make your invincible. In addition to wearing your hard hat and PPE it is essential that you still work with both intelligence and caution. Remember, the best form of accident protection is avoiding accidents in the first place.

Hard Hats Need Replacing

Your hard hat should be replaced at least every 12 months, or sometimes sooner if it is showing visible signs of wear and tear. Make sure the shell is not faded, cracked or stressed, and that the inner suspension straps still fit snugly. If in doubt, always replace your hat for a new model.

Hard Hats Can Be Fun!

If all this talk of safety is making you hate your hard hat even more, then don't worry – they can still be fun! There are plenty of ways to personalize your hard hat to make it your own, such as using stickers or bold colour themes. If you run a company, why not encourage your employees to personalize their hats? It can be a great conversation starter and will encourage your workers to view their hats as their own, not just something they're forced to wear.

Bottom Line

No matter how inconvenient they may seem, hard hats are an essential piece of equipment. Even just taking your hat off for five minutes can put your life at unnecessary risk, as tragically shown by a recent accident in the U.S. In this blog we've covered some of the reasons wearing your hard hat and PPE is so important, as well as some ways to make following safety protocol less tedious. One of the most effective ways to ensure you remind yourself of the importance of wearing hard hats is to regularly go over information, safety protocol, and past incidents. This way you can appreciate what's at stake next time you consider leaving your hard hat in your truck.

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