Why Work With A Staffing Agency This Summer

The popularity of using placement agencies has increased significantly in the last few years. If you’re considering using one to find what you need, here are some important facts you must know.

Placement agencies have quickly become one of the most common channels through which both employers and employees alike can find what they’re looking for. While these staffing companies have been around for many years, the role they’re playing in the hiring process has increased significantly in the last decade.

This is due to many reasons, including:

  • they alleviate the labour involved with finding new employees
  • the provide access to jobs that aren’t advertised
  • they provide CV feedback and interview preparation
  • they can give special insider information and specialist expertise

Why Work With Matrix Labor Leasing

Whether you’re an employer looking to solve staffing problems, or a job seeker looking for work, our Calgary placement agency can assist you with our experience, expertise, and vast network.

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What is a Placement Agency?

A placement agency, also known as a recruitment or staffing agency, is an organisation that assists in the different stages of the hiring process. Their services can be used by companies looking to recruit new employees, or by individuals who are searching for work.

Why work with a placement agency?

A staffing agency is a very valuable service for both job-seekers and employers as they are some of the most connected people to what is happening within the labor market.

For job seekers: Working with a temp agency can open a lot of doors that you wouldn’t be able to access on your own. Often, they provide free training and access to many jobs that may not otherwise be advertised. (Read More >)

For employers: Such an agency can alleviate the time, money, and labour spent on finding new employees, while also delivering top-quality candidates. (Read More >)


Why Job Seekers Should Work With a Placement Agency

Staffing agencies can be very valuable partners in your job search. Employers and your competition are using them, so why not use them too?

There are many benefits to working with a recruitment firm, including:

1. It Saves You Time

Working with an agency that is already plugged in to the construction market can save you time when it comes to hunting down opportunities to apply for. This is especially true if you're looking for short-term and seasonal work, which may only become available for short amounts of time before being filled. 

2. You’ll Gain Valuable Experience

Working with a placement agency will guarantee that you’ll learn more and grow within your chosen field. If you have the skills to do the job, but lack experience, a temp agency can help you by giving you the opportunity to work in different types of positions.

This will not only enhance your CV, but boost your confidence and make you more valuable to potential employers.

3. You’ll Increase Your Networking Contacts and Expand Your Knowledge

Working with a placement agency means that you’ll gain access to the recruiter’s body of knowledge and connections. This will significantly enhance your job search and ensure that you find a job that is the perfect fit for you.

4. You’ll Boost Your Confidence...And Your References

Along with the confidence boost you’ll receive from the training and work experience that comes along with working for a placement agency, you’ll also develop references that can verify your ability to perform the work.

5. They’re Free to Use

Working with a placement agency comes with so many perks and without any costs! Employers pay the agencies to find valuable candidates, so you can make the most of their valuable services without feeling the pinch.

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6. They May Lead to Regular Employment

Many employers use temporary assignments as a way to vet prospective hires before offering a regular position, and some companies do all of their hirings through agencies. In addition, a temporary position can provide you access to unadvertised openings and give you a significant edge in the labour market.

7. They Provide Flexible Work Options

In many cases, employers may be able to accommodate your availability, whether you’re looking for a part-time job, or full-time but short placement. This flexibility will enable you to pursue additional career opportunities or attend professional development workshops. 


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