Winter Safety on the Worksite

Here at Matrix Labour Leasing, safety is always our top priority. Winter brings a whole bunch of new dangers to construction sites. Luckily we can keep ourselves and our co-workers safe by using our safety training and our common sense. To help you keep your outdoor worksite safe this Winter, here are a few things to remember:

  1. Beware of Icicles

    Icicles can pose a serious threat on outdoor construction site. Falling icicles can cause serious damage if they fall, potentially injuring someone. Remove icicles as they form, or rope off the area beneath them.

  2. Watch for Icy Surfaces

    Slippery surfaces can lead to falls, so always keep an eye out for potentially dangerous spots. These spots can be treated with salt or gravel to either melt the ice or provide extra grip. Be especially careful if you are working up on a structure, and be sure to wear appropriate safety gear like safety harnesses whenever you are doing work off the ground.

  3. Keep Warm

    Frostbite, Hypothermia and Trench Foot can all cause serious medical problems. Be sure to wear warm, waterproof boots and warm clothes including a toque and gloves. Keep a spare set of clothes on site or in your truck in case you get wet. Wet clothing can freeze, reducing your body temperature and causing serious damage. If the wind is strong cover as much of yourself as possible, including your face. If you or a co-worker is potentially suffering from hypothermia or frostbite seek medical help immediately.

  4. Check your Heaters

    Though portable heaters can both keep you warm and prevent ice from forming on work surfaces they can be dangerous if they are not in proper working order. Before the snow falls be sure to check that all heaters are working properly and make repairs if necessary. Ensure they are encased in sturdy, fireproof containers and that hoses are protected from damage and excessive heat.

  5. Check Frequently

    Take time throughout the day to walk around your worksite and look for potential hazards. By doing this every day you can minimize the likelihood of a serious workplace accident. If you see any dangerous conditions report them to your supervisor immediately.

Stay safe this winter. For more information on safety or job searching call Matrix Labour Leasing at 403-201-9520 and visit

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