Workplace Safety Brought to Forefront After Fatal Nexen Explosion

Canadians everywhere were deeply shocked and saddened when they learned last Friday that there had been a fatal explosion at Nexen Energy’s Long Lake oilsands plant. The explosion, which occurred when two workers were changing a valve on a compressor, killed one worker and sent the second worker to hospital in critical condition with severe burns. This tragedy has put the focus on workplace safety as Nexen Energy and other companies reaffirm their commitment to worker safety. Companies across Canada strive every day to send all their workers home safely and believe that safety is everyone’s number one concern.

Safety is everyone’s responsibility. It is up to each and every worker, throughout the entire company structure, to conduct themselves in a safe manner and speak up if they see something unsafe. Workplaces that focus on manual labour, such as construction and oil patch sites, can be dangerous places to work. To help improve the safety of everyone on the work site, Matrix Labour Leasing provides all employees with the necessary training they need and enforces strict safety guidelines on all worksites

While most staffing agencies require that employees cover the cost of their own safety training Matrix Labour Leasing recognizes that this takes away from the time workers could spend earning money, making it a less attractive option. That is why Matrix Labour Leasing implemented a Safety Ticket program that is run out of our state of the art, on site training facility. This ensures that all employees have the appropriate Safety Tickets before they set foot on a worksite. By not asking employees to shoulder the financial burden of safety training Matrix Labour Leasing is easily able to foster a work environment that prioritizes safety above all else.

By putting safety first Matrix Labour Leasing hopes to avoid workplace tragedies like the one experienced by Nexen Energy last week. Every day we strive to create a safe work environment for our employees.

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