3 Construction Staffing Trends From Our Temp Agency In Calgary

Keep on top of trends concerning construction and labour hiring and staffing with this post from one of Calgary’s top temp agencies.

Demand for employees, available labour, and industry developments all mean that staffing and HR best practices might change from year to year. Our Calgary temp agency has a specialized focus on the construction and labour industry, and we always keep up with the latest developments in order to better serve our clients and our people. In this post, we outline three trends current trends in staffing.


Trend #1: Employers And Job-Seekers Alike Are Embracing Technology

Social media like Twitter and Facebook, as well as dedicated professional platforms like LinkedIn, are giving employers more options than ever when it comes to recruiting. This means that your HR Department (or staffing agency) can easily connect with candidates online, recruit via ads, and more.

Additionally, employees and employers alike have embraced online application processes. Over the past few years, developments in technology has increased the efficiency of the hiring process, such as digital hiring assistants to guide recruits through the application journey while they’re on the go, and to easily screen and sort applicants.

Investing in this type of technology might seem daunting, especially for businesses who don’t hire frequently. Working with a company that focuses on hiring can save you from having to research and invest in this technology yourself. Doing so would still streamline your recruiting process and boost your chances of retaining top candidates by offering a simplified application process.

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Trend #2: Employers Will Begin Contending With An Aging Workforce

While the downturn in the oil and gas industry and Alberta’s recession have had a negative impact on available positions, Buildforce estimates that a “new normal” will develop in Alberta’s construction and labour sector. According to the Alberta Government, there have been both wage gains and a rebound in the construction industry, although these have not yet returned to pre-recession levels.

Despite the fact that Alberta is no longer in a boom, employers shouldn’t get too complacent about seeking fresh talent. In addition to the “light at the end of the recession tunnel”, a  large number of construction and trades workers in the older age cohorts will be retiring. In a late 2017 Alberta Highlights Construction & Maintenance report, BuildForce “estimates that 36,200 retiring skilled workers will exit the Alberta construction industry over the next decade. Attracting and training young workers during and following a downturn in sufficient numbers to meet these demands may pose a formidable challenge.”

When the time comes, working with a reputable hiring agency can help employers transition their workforce without having to take their focus away from their business.

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Trend #3: Your Firm’s Brand Matters

Your firm’s brand matters--not just to your clients, but to potential hires. It’s now essential to offer a streamlined hiring process and highlight the reasons why working for you can be beneficial. This helps you attract not just candidates, but the right candidates.

A hiring process that seems disorganized; a company that has high turnover due to poor hiring practices; or an employer who seems less than professional could scare off top talent and perpetuate a cycle of not finding the right candidates. If you're looking for seasonal help during a short period of high demand, this can be incredibly frustrating. 

What’s more, it’s been demonstrated that employer brand is key to attracting recruits who are younger, as well as located outside of your local area. If you’re looking at broadening your talent pool, ensure you’re sending the right brand message is essential.

Working with a Calgary temp agency is one way that you can ensure that your entire hiring and recruitment process is executed not just efficiently and effectively, but in a way that showcases your professionality as an employer.


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