3 Tips For Working Successfully With a Temp Agency

Are you searching for vacant labor jobs in Calgary or Edmonton? Here’s how to make the most of your job search with a temp agency, such as Matrix.

Are you struggling to find a construction labor job in Calgary or Edmonton? Are you looking for temporary work so you don’t have to tie yourself down to one role for a long period of time? If so, then temping could be the perfect solution for you.

Some of the great benefits of finding a labor job through a temp agency, include:

  • Flexible working hours
  • More efficient and quicker job placement
  • Access to continuing education and training programs
  • Better job preparation
  • Better understanding of your prospective employer

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Working For a Temp Agency To Find a Labor Job: 3 Things You Must Do

Working with a staffing agency can have many benefits, including quicker placement and better job preparation. However, before you start working with such an organization, it’s important to understand the relationship between job candidates and recruiters.

Why? Any misconceptions can lead to confusion, frustration, hurt feelings, and misunderstandings. Here are 3 things you must do when working with a temp agency:

1. Understand Exactly Who Your Employer Is

When you accept a job through a temp agency, you must remember that the staffing firm is technically your employer. For many first-time temps, this can be a little confusing, but just remember that although you’ll report to the manager at the company, your benefits and pay check will come from the temp agency.

Worried that this may make it hard to turn your temp job into a permanent one? It won’t! While there is no guarantee that your temporary labor job will become permanent, transferring payroll and benefits is easy and will never be a barrier if this were to happen.

2. Be Clear on The Staffing Agency’s Expectations and Processes

When you begin working with a temp agency, they will work early on with you to set expectations around communication, feedback, and the processes they follow for setting up interviews. For your part, you must make sure you know the answers to the following questions before accepting your first job from the agency:

  • How long does job placement usually take?
  • What can you expect when working with the temp agency?
  • How often will the agency be in touch with you? (eg. daily, once a month)
  • Can you expect to receive any feedback regarding your resume and interview
  • Are there any training courses available to improve your skills?

If you are unclear about any part of the process, or if you have any concerns, it’s very important to voice these to the agency so you can avoid any nasty surprises or miscommunication.

Make Sure You Insist on Transparency

The staffing agency you work for should ALWAYS be open and honest with you, providing any feedback or notes that could improve your skills, resume, and chances of landing a job. They should emphasize your strengths to potential employers while being honest when a labor job isn’t the right fit for you.

YOU MUST RECIPROCATE: A temp agency can only do their job properly when employees work with them. While you may be hesitant to share information that you believe will negatively impact your job opportunities, not being honest will damage your reputation, as well as the agency’s.

3. Take Charge Of Your Own Job Search

While you may be relying on the temp agency to help find you job vacancies, remember that at the end of the day, you are in charge of your own job search. This means you must:

  • Know to which companies your resume has been submitted
  • Make sure the construction jobs you’re being submitted for are a good fit for you
  • Follow up with the temp agency regarding any feedback from job applications

By staying on top of your own job search, you’ll work more successfully with the temp agency and ensure that you’ll find positions that will further your career.

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