5 Factors To Consider When Selecting a Temp Agency

Looking to fill vacant labor jobs in Calgary? The right temp agency can help create customized staffing solutions to meet all your labor staffing needs.

Benefits of Working With a Temp Agency in Calgary

If you are looking for an innovative and efficient staffing solution, then working with a temp agency in Calgary may be your best bet! With extensive knowledge of the market and vast networks, such a recruitment service is key to filling labor jobs quickly with skilled and professional employees.

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In addition, they provide numerous other benefits to small and large businesses alike including:

  • Cost-savings
  • Better talent pool
  • Reduced risk & HR overhead
  • Flexible staffing solutions to suit your unique business needs

At Matrix Labor Leasing, we use our innovative staffing solutions and expertise to take care of all your labor staffing needs and increase your company’s productivity.


How to Choose The Right Temp Agency

With the construction job market suffering from a shortage of skilled workers, working with a labor staffing company can make the hiring process a lot easier and more fruitful. In addition, a professional temp agency can help you develop the optimum staffing solution and give you access to a wide pool of talent whenever you have a vacant labor job.  

But how do you know if you’ve chosen the right temp agency?

Here are some tips on how to choose a labor staffing firm that fits all your needs and who can become a partner in your growing success.

1. Consider Their Specialties

While there may be some labor staffing firms that offer a wide range of services, most tend to have a specific focus on one or two industries.

Some agencies opt for staffing only one kind of personnel, for example, construction labor jobs or medical staffing. By asking the recruitment agency what they specialize in, you’ll be better able to determine whether their services are in line with your company’s needs.


2. Fees

Temp agency fees vary widely and while the price is certainly an important factor when choosing a recruitment firm, it shouldn’t be the only determining one.

What is more important is to ask the agency what is included in their services and how they calculate their markup. In addition, if a particular firm is more expensive, be sure to ask what is it about their staffing solutions and processes that justify the cost and differentiates them from the rest.

3. Recruiting Process

Labor staffing firms typically have access to a much wider pool of skilled candidates than you do. They will also know how to properly post ads for labor job vacancies and ask the right questions to find the best match for your company.

When choosing which agency to partner with, make sure to find out what their recruitment process is.

Be Sure To Ask:

  • Where do they post ads?
  • How much experience does their recruiting team have?
  • What questions do they ask potential candidates?
  • How long before you get to meet a candidate?

At our Calgary temp agency, we use Matrix Connect, an innovative business networking platform that allows for an extensive yet swift screening process. And the best news? You won’t have to do any of the tedious work yourself so you can focus solely on growing your business.


4. Employee Screening

If you are considering using a staffing solution firm to augment your current workforce, it’s imperative that you ask how they screen potential employees and conduct background checks.

Professional labor staffing firms tend to have an extensive screening process including checks for:

  • Identity
  • Drug screenings
  • Employment references
  • Education and credentials
  • Criminal background 

It’s important to partner with a firm that conducts comprehensive screening on potential candidates as this protects your company from damages associated with a potential criminal or poor hire.

5. Safety Procedures

Safety is extremely important in the workplace, especially when it comes to construction labor jobs. That’s why it’s crucial to ask the staffing agency about any safety precautions they may take, including proper training.

At Matrix, safety is our number one priority. We offer our employees access to a variety of resources and training opportunities so they can continue to hone their talents, gain job-related skills and stay current with technological advancements.


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