5 Ways You Can Make Your Worksite Safer and Protect Your Employees

A mistake or lapse of judgment while working at a construction site could be life-threatening. Here are the top five ways you can make your worksite safer and better protect your valuable employees.

Construction jobs in Calgary inherently bring with them more risk and danger than your average 9-5 job. From welding to electrical work and everything in between, properly protecting your tradespeople should be at the top of your list of priorities. 

Here are five ways you can make every worksite your company operates safer, so your employees are appropriately protected and all make it home at the end of the day.

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5 Ways You Can Make Your Worksite Safer and Protect Your Employees

The consequences of a workplace mishap or incident are profoundly more serious in the construction industry. With it being one of the most dangerous lines of work, construction jobs require comprehensive safety protocols and training programs. As most workplace incidents in this industry happen at a worksite, it's imperative that your organization have the proper safety measures in place for when your workers are present at one. 

Here are the top five ways you can make sure that happens so all your worksites are as safe as they can be.

1. Everyone needs to be aware

One of the biggest dangers of a worksite is that of the ignorant employee. Everyone who ever enters one of your worksites, from unskilled labourers to executives, must be made fully aware of all the present dangers and hazards. This awareness will help foster a state of perpetual alertness among your workers and visitors, reducing the likelihood of a catastrophic incident due to poor judgment.

2. Safety training needs to be ongoing

Safety training is a vital component in ensuring your worksite is not a dangerous place to be. While the inherent risks will always be present, proper training can reduce the likelihood of a mishap or incident occurring. Your workers and subcontractors should regularly brush up on their safety training throughout the year, and by making resources such as training videos, pamphlets, and brochures readily available to anyone who enters your worksite, you can do an even better job of executing the first step of this list. And if you're able to offer any on-site safety training to your workers, you should certainly do so.

3. Effective communication is a must

When communication is lacking, and workers don't quite know what to expect or what is expected of them, mishaps are far more likely to occur. By effectively communicating to every team member what is on tap for the day and what activities they can expect to be happening at the worksite, any surprises that may have resulted in death or injury will have been nipped in the bud. You can also outfit your workers with walkie-talkies or other communication devices to make sure they're able to communicate with one another quickly. This will help to further inform those on the worksite about what is going on at all times, and it can also help make sure everyone is carrying out their duties in a safe manner.


4. Your workers need the right equipment

If you want your worksite to be as safe as it can be, you need to make sure your workers have the right equipment and enough room to do their job. Not giving your construction workers the proper PPE negates all the previous hard work you've done to make your worksite safe, as the potential for injury or even death will always be there when equipment is lacking. You also need to make sure your equipment and machinery are well serviced and maintained throughout the course of their life. Doing scheduled maintenance or replacing worn-out equipment that has reached the end of its life will reduce the risk of malfunction and the catastrophic consequences it can cause.

5. You need an uncompromising supervisor

In an ideal world, all your construction workers would understand the implications of not adhering to safety protocols or doing so inadequately, which would mean they act accordingly and in a safe manner at all times. As we know though, we don't live in an ideal world. That's why every one of your worksites requires a supervisor who can be counted on to flag safety violations and reprimand those who commit them, without exception. Doing so will further foster the culture and atmosphere of safety within your job sites, and signal to your employees that infractions will not be tolerated.

Due to the inherent risks and dangers construction jobs in Calgary bring with them, it's extremely important that safety be top of mind at all times. By instituting the above five strategies into your operation, you can do your best to keep your worksites mishap and incident-free. Which is not only good for your workers, but your bottom line too.

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