9 Skills All Welders Must Have

Looking for vacant welding jobs in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, or Ontario? Here are the top skills employers are looking for when hiring welders. 

Welders play a major role in the construction industry and whether you are very experienced or are just starting your new career, a welding job can offer many benefits. These include:

  • high job satisfaction
  • opportunity to work on a number of different projects in a number of different industries
  • steady and sizeable paycheck
  • great opportunities for advancement
  • welding is a hands-on, active job that keeps you away from a computer desk all day

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Top 9 Skills Needed For a Welding Job

With its blowtorches, molten metals, and blinding flames, welding jobs can be dangerous, which is why welders require specific training, certification, and skills to be able to advance safely and quickly in their career.

Some of the most important skills needed for welding jobs include:

  1. Interpersonal Skills: A good welder needs to have excellent interpersonal and customer service skills, and be able to meet the needs of various clients and work well within a team.
  2. Good Safety Skills: One of the most important things employers are looking for when filling vacant welding jobs is a strong awareness of safety standards. A great welder has good safety skills and knows the standards of industry for protection of themselves, others, and how to use the equipment. (Learn about our safety ticket program.)
  3. Concentration: A welder needs to give their full attention to a project for long periods of time so you must be able to remain committed to your work and ensure all aspects are completed properly.
  4. Ability to Read Blueprints: To be successful in any welding job, you must be able to read blueprints quickly and easily, and understand how the information presented affects a specific project.
  5. Detail Oriented: When completing a project, a welder MUST be very detail oriented, thorough in their work, and not overlook anything that could have larger, unwanted, and even dangerous effects.
  6. Good Vision: A good welder must have sharp vision and be able to see intricate details in a work area.
  7. Knowledge of Metallurgy: One of the most essential skills for any welder is to become familiar with various types of metals, their physical properties, and to understand how to work with them.
  8. Manual Dexterity: To practice as a welder safely and efficiently, you need to have excellent manual dexterity and good hand-eye coordination to be able to perform the complex physical maneuvers required for many welding jobs.
  9. Knowledge of Welding Techniques: A great welder will have in-depth knowledge about the different welding techniques  such as metal art, oxy-fuel, flux core arc, and gas tungsten arc welding.


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