A Calgary Placement Agency Outlines How to Stand Out During The Recruitment Process

Stand out from the crowd during your next interview with tips from one of the top labour recruitment agencies in Calgary.

When working with Calgary recruitment agencies, candidates might encounter different types of interviews. They may be invited to in-house interviews, as well as interviews with employers seeking to fill labour, construction, or electrician jobs in Calgary, Edmonton, and other areas of Western Canada.

In the past, we’ve shared tips on working with a staffing agency, and in this post, we’ll explain three key ways you can prepare for interviews for temporary positions that you have been linked up with through our staffing agency.


Tip #1: Familiarize Yourself With Typical Interview Questions

It’s impossible to know exactly what you’ll be asked when interviewing for construction or electrician jobs in Calgary. However, it is possible to prepare yourself for the basic questions, which are usually asked in some form during an interview. Being able to confidently answer these key, foundational questions will get your interview off to a great start.

Interviewers will likely ask about:

  • your training
  • your education
  • past projects
  • specialized skills and experience

Prospective employers might also want to know additional details, such as why you’d like to work with their company. They may ask about different technical or interpersonal problem-solving situations that you may have encountered at your previous job, or pose a hypothetical question based on a situation you might encounter in the position you’re applying for.

It is important to have a solid grasp of how you want to answer these types of questions, while at the same time keeping your ideas simplified into points. This will help you remember them and will help you stay on topic during your interview. It will also ensure that when you answer the questions in an interview setting you are able to discuss the topic and answer follow-up questions naturally, rather than sounding rehearsed or feeling lost when things go “off script”.

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Tip #2: Understand Unique Questions That May Apply To Temporary Work Positions

If you’re interviewing for temporary labour, construction, or electrician jobs in Calgary, an interviewer might also ask some questions specifically related to this type of position. For example, you may be asked:

  • if you are more interested in long-term or short-term placements
  • why you are currently interested in temporary work
  • your availability and flexibility
  • whether you work well in new environments
  • whether you would be interested in a permanent and/or full-time role, should one become available

Whether you’re interviewing with your dream company and have strong hopes that the position will become permanent, or are simply exploring a variety of workplaces in the industry, it’s important to answer these questions honestly. Additionally, it can be beneficial to highlight some of the skills that you have that would make you the perfect fit for the position. You may wish to practice answering these questions with a friend or out loud in front of a mirror to become comfortable with your answers, though there’s no need to memorize a word-for-word script. This especially helps for questions asking for examples of your past experiences.

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Tip #3: Do Your Homework On The Company

Our Calgary placement agency always works hard to match the right employees with companies that require their skills. At the same time, we always advise those working with us to ensure they are well-informed on companies they may work with.

Our staffing agency always recommends that before your interview, take some time to do basic research into the company you are applying for. Not only can this help you understand whether you’d be a good fit for this position, but it can help you impress interviewers by telling them exactly why you’d like to work for their organization. This could be something as simple as the organization’s track record of success or reputation for having a strong and effective team. However, you might also find the company’s core values, mission statements, or history resonate with you.

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