Benefits of Hiring Temporary Workers

Temporary workers play a vital role in many construction companies. Find out if they are the right staffing solution for your business.


Are you looking for an affordable and efficient staffing solution to minimize delays and increase productivity on the construction job?

According to Statistics Canada, temporary work has grown at more than triple the pace than permanent employment since 2009 and for good reason: this flexible staffing option keeps your business moving forward through busy periods and times of transition.

At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leading Calgary staffing company, we help you quickly fill any construction job vacancies with skilled and trustworthy temporary workers, saving you time and money in the long run.

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4 Benefits of Hiring Temp Workers

The popularity of hiring temporary workers through staffing agencies rather than directly is a result of the tight economic times and even though things are improving, many construction companies are reluctant to commit to full-time employees again.

This staffing solution can provide a boost of manpower at your company and has a myriad of benefits including:

1. Helps With Workload Fluctuations

If a busy season is approaching with significant extra work involved, you can avoid overloading your staff and hire a temporary worker to assist with the construction job.

The flexibility of this staffing solution ensures that you complete projects without losing quality of work but avoids over-staffing your office and cutting profits during slower business periods.

Working with a temp agency is ideal for companies who aren’t looking to add new positions but simply have a project that requires additional staffing resources.

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2. Lowers Overhead Costs

When you work with a staffing agency, it - not you - becomes the temporary worker’s employer. This means that they will be responsible for and bear the financial burden of:

  • Recruiting
  • Screening
  • Hiring
  • Payroll expenses
  • Unemployment and worker’s compensation insurance
  • Any other employee benefits including health, life and disability insurance

Hiring a temporary worker to fill a vacant construction job can save your company significant costs and ensures that the pressure isn’t directly on you if things don’t go according to plan.

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3. Makes The Hiring Process More Efficient

Hiring temporary workers is an extremely effective staffing solution because it gives you the opportunity to ‘test’ workers. You get to see them in action, often for an extended period of time, without committing to any full-time employment.

This can be particularly helpful if you:

  • Want to avoid a bad hire
  • Can’t yet afford a new full-time employee
  • Are unsure if you want to grow your company just yet

Working with a staffing agency allows you to survey a potential employee in a particular construction job and ascertain whether or not they are a suitable candidate for a more permanent position.

4. Brings Innovation

One of the biggest advantages of hiring qualified and professional temp workers is that they can bring innovation and new skills to the construction job, improving efficiency and productivity within your team.

In addition, this staffing solution allows you to diversify your services as it enables you to bring in talent from all areas, benefiting your company in the long run.

At Matrix Labor Leasing, we offer our employees access to a variety of resources and training opportunities so they can continue to hone their talents, gain job-related skills and stay current with technological advancements.

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