How a Temp Agency Can Promote Safety on Your Construction Site

Looking to increase the safety on your Calgary construction site? Using a temp agency to help fill vacant labor jobs can help! 

Health and safety is very important in all industries, but there are some businesses that must take extra care to make safety their top priority. One of these is construction. Failing to do so can have unfortunate consequences including:

  • Serious injuries to employees and visitors
  • Project delays
  • Your business being sued, fined or banned from operating
  • Lower productivity
  • Loss of profits

At Matrix Labor Leasing, a leading Calgary staffing agency, safety is our number one priority. We partner with various construction businesses to eliminate any unsafe practices that can not only lead to damaged inventory or lost profits but that can seriously harm your employees.

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Construction Labor Jobs & Safety

Filling vacant labor jobs through temp agencies is becoming increasingly common in our changing economy and can provide many benefits including:

  • Keeps your current staff from burning out during busy seasons
  • Enables you to meet project deadlines and handle any labor job demands, thereby increasing your bottom line
  • Makes the hiring process more efficient
  • Lowers overhead costs
  • Brings innovation and new skills to the construction job

However, by far one of the biggest benefits of working with a staffing agency is that they help improve safety in the workplace, protecting your workers from potentially life-threatening injuries and your business from any lawsuits that could stop you from operating.

2 Main Ways a Temp Agency Promotes a Culture of Workplace Safety

1. Safety Courses

One of the most effective ways of lowering the risk of injuries on the construction job is by providing continuous support and safety training to your employees. Such courses have been proven to:

  • Result in fewer injuries and possibility of death
  • Reduce workers comp claims
  • Keep your insurance prices down
  • Minimize your legal fees
  • Boost your construction company’s reputation

At our Calgary temp agency, we run a Safety Ticket Program out of our state-of-the-art training facility to ensure that all of our employees have the necessary safety training before they apply for a specific labor job.

This has allowed us to build a community of knowledgeable and competent employees who can grow their careers in a safe and healthy work environment.

Our Safety Ticket Program
2. Finding Qualified Employees

At our temp agency, we use an innovative business networking site - Matrix Labor Connect - that is designed to match skilled workers with the relevant construction labor jobs as quickly as possible, reducing any costs and safety worries associated with wrong hiring.

Some of the benefits of hiring skilled workers for your vacant labor jobs include:

  • Higher job productivity
  • Improved workplace safety
  • Provides experience & expertise your current employees might not have
  • Brings innovation to your construction site

 In addition, you can work with a staffing agency to find a qualified safety supervisor who is capable of enforcing all safety standards with no exception.

 Such a professional can keep tabs on your employees throughout the day and correct those who fail to commit to proper safety standards.

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How to Promote Workplace Safety

Before any worker - no matter his/her role or experience - can fill a vacant labor job, they must be fully cognizant of the possible hazards. Apart from working with a staffing agency to promote safety, construction businesses can protect their employees and mitigate potential risks by:

Creating Awareness

Creating a culture of safety in your workplace is an ongoing effort. Before every construction job, it’s important to ensure that your employees:

  • Are aware of any potential labor job hazards

  • Receive proper CPR & wound care training

  • Understand the importance of safety gear when on the construction site.

Being aware of these important aspects of the construction job will significantly lower the risk of any injuries to your employees and visitors.

Improving Communication

Accidents are more likely to occur when workers are unsure of what to expect. Direct communication regarding the day’s activities and goals can cut down on surprises that could cause bodily harm.

To really enhance safety within your team, you may want to consider equipping workers with smartphones or headsets that allow for seamless communication throughout the job.

Checking Employees' Documentation

It is essential that all proper registrations and licenses are earned before any work on a construction site begins.

Employees who are charged with particularly difficult tasks should provide evidence of their certification. Not only does this prevent accidents due to improper training, it also protects your company from legal action.

Providing Proper Equipment

Construction workers equipped with improper gear are bound to make fatal errors. Not only should each piece of equipment on the job site be ideally suited to the task at hand, but construction firms must make certain that all machinery and material are well maintained.

Improving Safety Standards

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