How Temp Agencies Benefit Your Business

How Temp Agencies Benefit Your Business

Sometimes it can feel as though your company doesn’t have enough employees, but you aren’t sure if you want to commit to hiring new full time staff. This is where temp agencies can help. Temp agencies help you to hire temporary team members to meet your needs, whether that means more employees with the same qualifications as your current ones or a broadening of employee experience and skill. Unlike other staffing solutions, temp agencies can help you find employees to solve your staffing problems whether it’s for a few days, a few months, or permanently. Temp agencies offer more than just temporary contract employees. They can take care of back-office tasks so that you can focus on running your business smoothly with all of the help you need.


6 Benefits Of Temp Agencies

  1. Scalability
    Sometimes certain projects or a seasonal increase in workload means you need more employees than usual, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to hire permanent staff members. Once the project or busy season is over, these employees may be left with nothing to do and you might need to let people go. This wastes company time and resources and could lead to poor employee reviews. Instead, working with temp agencies lets you hire the employees you need for temporary work so you can easily scale your operations as the work comes in.
  2. Flexibility To Meet Your Needs
    Unlike contract workers, temps are brought on for short assignments that can range in duration. If needed, temps can stay with a company for as little as one day. They also don’t need to be assigned to only one project at a time and can be useful for a variety of tasks and projects. Contract workers might be better for longer, fixed periods or specific tasks, but temp workers are fairly flexible.
  3. Specialized Labour
    If you have specific tasks that need to be performed by someone with specialized labour training, temp agencies can help you find the right candidate. Even though you might not always need someone with this skill set, having someone from a temp agency help you complete project mandates when you need it can be a great relief.
  4. Reduce HR Responsibilities
    HR is often busy enough with their other duties that when new staff members are needed this can burden your HR team, especially for small and medium-sized businesses. When your company partners with a temp agency, you gain the expertise and knowledge of their hiring team while relieving your HR staff of the additional duties involved with hiring and onboarding.
  5. Varied Skills
    Temp agencies have access to candidates from various industries and have an expansive network of job seekers. This allows your company to expand the skill set of your team by hiring temporary employees that have varied skill sets and expansive knowledge that your current team may not. This creates an opportunity to fill in skill gaps and help your current employees learn.
  6. Potential For Permanent Employees
    If your company is matched with a candidate who you are impressed by, who fits with your company culture, and who you would love to keep as a permanent employee, this is a possibility. Even if your company isn’t looking for a permanent hire right now, working with temp agencies lets you see potential employees in action so that if a position does open up, you know exactly who to fill it with. Temp agencies can also help you find permanent employees from the beginning, as some temp agencies also function as staffing agencies as well.


Temp Agencies Can Help You Overcome Staffing Struggles

If your company needs temporary employees or if you are interested in branching out to an expansive network of skilled candidates, temp agencies can help. At Matrix Labour Leasing, we’ve staffed over 5,000,000 hours of employment and have the experience to quickly find your company top-quality permanent or temporary employees who will be invaluable assets to your business. We can tailor our services to assure you get the help you need to overcome staffing challenges and business hurdles. For employee solutions, contact Matrix Labour Leasing at 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.



Q: Is Matrix Labour Leasing only a temp agency?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is a full-service human resources agency. We offer staffing and recruitment solutions while also offering back-office support, including Employer of Record (EOR) and payroll funding. By offering multiple services, we allow business owners to focus their efforts on growing and developing their businesses while we take care of HR responsibilities.

Q: Do temp agencies interview candidates?
A: Yes. Temp agencies do screen candidates ahead of time for you. Only candidates who pass the initial screening will be presented to the employer. Of course, the employer can choose to participate in the screening process as well.

Q: Who is the employer, my company or the temp agency?
A: When you hire through temp agencies, you will pay the temp agency to cover the fee of the temp agency and the salary of the temporary employee, as well as other potential fees. The temp agency will then pay the temporary employee so that technically the employee is on the books for the temp agency and is their responsibility, even though the employee is working for you. This puts temp agencies in charge of this employee's payroll and benefits.

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