How the Construction Industry Has Changed Over the Past 50 Years

The year was 1965: the race for space exploration was in full swing, the Vietnam War continued to divide a nation and Civil Rights protests broke out in U.S. streets. A lot has changed since 1965 and the construction industry is no exception. Here is a list of the most important factors that have impacted and changed the industry:

  1. Technology: Probably the largest influence of change in the industry. Advanced equipment has revolutionized how projects are executed and managed. The use of computers has improved work conditions, construction costs and completion times. Before computers, every piece of material was calculated by hand and slight changes would create hours of additional work. Technology has enhanced just about every fiber of the industry.
  2. Safety and Health Initiatives: The safety regulations that were in place 50 years ago were a far cry from where they are now. Today, strict policies are in place and even supervised to ensure the safety of all employees and the environment.
  3. Increase in Construction Demands: Business owners, architects and homeowners today, strive for unique construction that helps them stand out. This wasn’t the case 50 years ago. Consumers today also expect a much quicker lead-time on projects things than in 1965.
  4. Skill Base: 50 years ago, you needed a strong back and some dexterity to construct buildings. Today, the construction industry is less manually based and calls for more technology skills. Also, understanding how to deal with electric cables, gas pipes and water pipes is essential in today’s industry.
  5. Qualifications: Today there is more of a push and focus on education in the construction sector than 50 years ago. With modern safety procedures, technology and initiatives for certified skills, maintaining and earning qualifications is a major change in the industry.

The evolution of the construction industry has changed significantly over the past five decades and as one of Canada’s fastest growing companies, Matrix Labour Leasing has encouraged and integrated these changes into their culture. Placing the highest significance on employees’ health, safety and education is exactly what they value.

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