Looking For A Job? The Benefits Of Registering With A Staffing Agency.

Looking For A Job? The Benefits Of Registering With A Staffing Agency.

Searching for a new job on your own can be frustrating. Many job listing websites offer job positions that are irrelevant to you and require high levels of effort for little payoff. Even if you are dedicated and spend lots of time applying for positions, you may still get rejected or never hear back. But staffing agencies work differently. Staffing agencies are involved in the hiring process from the moment you join the employee roster. Staffing agencies will work with you to determine which positions at which companies will be right for you and they will be there to help you every step of the way. Here are some of the best reasons to partner with staffing agencies.

How Staffing Agencies Help Job Seekers

Streamline Job Applications
Looking for work can feel like a full-time commitment and be overwhelming and frustrating. These negative experiences are even worse for those actively working full-time and searching for a change of employment in what little free time they have. When you join a staffing agency, you will still have to submit a resume and cover letter, and you may have several screening processes to complete, but you will not need to use your valuable time searching for different job postings, tailoring each cover letter, and wasting your time on job postings that aren’t right for you. When you partner with a staffing company, you can still search for different jobs posted by the staffing agency (which will have postings not listed on other job sites) if you want to, but it is not a critical part of the process. Instead of wasting your time sifting through job postings that are irrelevant to you, a staffing agency will get to know you and put forth available jobs that you are likely to be interested in.

It’s much easier to find positions when you have connections in the industry who can help you. When a job seeker doesn’t have these connections, they are at a disadvantage. Networking is an incredibly important part of finding a great position, as it lends credibility to your name and helps you find open positions that will benefit your construction career. Staffing agencies already have a comprehensive network of construction professionals, and partnering with staffing agencies gives you access to their network resources. It also lends credibility to your name, as you have already been screened by a trusted staffing agency.

Become A Better Candidate
You can have years of experience where you performed well and were a valuable employee, but if your resume isn’t composed well or you struggle with interviews, you can still be passed over for job opportunities. When you join a staffing agency, you will be screened, your resume will be reviewed, and workers from staffing agencies will speak with you to determine the right position for you. Through all of this, you will receive feedback on your resume, advice for improving your interview skills, and tips to address topics you may struggle with. This will help you land positions with the staffing agency, but this invaluable knowledge will also help you with any job searches in the future.

It’s Free For Candidates
Staffing agencies charge the companies they are recruiting for and not the candidates who are looking for work. This makes staffing agencies no risk for candidates. Since it’s free to partner with a staffing agency, candidates have a no-risk opportunity to increase their chances of not only finding a job but being placed in a position that suits both the job seeker and the employer, ensuring that both parties are satisfied. At the same time, candidates get to reap all of the above-listed benefits of working with a staffing company, creating invaluable skills for the future of your career.

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Boost Your Career By Partnering With Staffing Agencies

Whether you are looking for a temporary or permanent position, Matrix Labour Leasing can help you find the right construction opportunity. Our experienced team will find the right company that will benefit both you and the employer so that you can find a fulfilling position you thrive in. To partner with a staffing agency and to find the position that’s right for you while receiving the tools you need to become the ideal candidate, contact Matrix Labour Leasing at 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form.


Q: Where can I find construction jobs in Canada?
A: You can begin your job search at our in-house job board.

Q: What skills should I highlight when searching for a job?
A: When you speak to potential employers, you should focus on explaining why you have the right skills for the position while focusing on your communication and teamwork skills, your willingness to learn, and your problem-solving skills, to name a few. Staffing agencies can help you get interview-ready so you know how to highlight your strengths. To learn more about what employers are looking for in a worker, read Construction Jobs: Employers Are Looking For These Important Skills.

Q: What industries does Matrix recruit for?
A: Matrix can help you find work in all types of construction roles including positions as labourers, executives, and support.

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