Matrix Labour Leasing was founded nearly two decades ago because we believe that all employees deserve the best work environments. We believe that all team members at Matrix deserve steady and secure work that allows them to save towards their retirement, support their families financially and improve their overall well-being. 

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When you work at Matrix, there is an expectation of excellence. Our longstanding culture has stood the test of time because it is centred around hard work, reliability, honesty, and integrity. Whenever anyone makes a commitment, we expect them to keep it. Joining the Matrix community means being a leader and exercising 110% of your abilities in all that you do. Every team member here should treat Matrix as if it's their own and in return, that's how you can expect us to treat you.

Key Advantages To Joining The Team At Matrix 

When you apply to connect with us at Matrix as an employee, you can expect: 

  • Stable Work
  • Career Growth
  • Tuition Refunds
  • RRSP Contributions
  • Competitive Wages
  • Educational Opportunities

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Complete the contact form below or apply to one of our many open opportunities. Please ensure to completely fill out your profile as it improves your ability for placement in a suitable position. 



Q: What type of roles are available at Matrix Labour Leasing? 

There are a variety of opportunities offered at Matrix, including (but not limited to): office administration, human resources, business development, trades recruiter, and more! Contact us directly for more information on open positions at Matrix Labour Leasing. 

Q: What skill set is required to work at Matrix? 

The skills qualification for work largely depends on which position you are applying for. In general, all employees at Matrix should bring along a strong work ethic, a clear sense of integrity, and a willingness to improve. 

Q: How do I apply to work at Matrix Labour Leasing? 

Please fill out the contact form in its entirety or apply to one of our open job postings. 



Questions? Comments? Call us today at 1-866-666-9520 or fill out the form below:

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