Sometimes a flexible and faster staffing solution is what your business needs to secure the talent resources to support your operations. If your business experiences variable staffing needs due to seasonal or project-based fluctuations, if you need to fill the position of a permanent team member on temporary leave, if you need to onboard labour resources quickly, or if you are looking for an enhanced process to screen potential candidates in a real word environment, temporary staffing solutions might be the best option for your organization.

Matrix HR’s temporary staffing solutions are flexible and completely customizable to help you fortify your workforce, even if only for a short time. You gain access to our robust network of skilled and qualified candidates and we can leverage several temporary staffing strategies to bolster your team including hourly temporary workers, contract staffing, and temp-to-hire. Even when your staffing needs are short-term, we can connect you with top talent from each industry at any level of employment.

Three Effective Temporary Staffing Strategies

1. Temporary Hourly Staffing
Temporary hourly staffing or temporary hiring is an ideal solution when your business needs to fill roles quickly to meet an urgent or unexpected need (absence due to illness or injury, for example), to support your existing team during seasonal workload increases, or even to complete tasks for a special project. Temporary workers, typically, fill entry level or standard roles and can step in with little training and immediately relive your workflow pressures. The benefits of temporary hiring with Matrix HR include:

  • Fast Response: Matrix can connect you with temporary workers very quickly, even the next day.
  • Flexibility And Scalability: Matrix temporary hourly placements are ideal when you are not sure how long you will need the extra help. Scale up or down to meet dynamic staffing needs.
  • Affordable Solutions: Save your organization the time and money resources of recruiting and screen potential candidates by outsourcing temporary staffing to Matrix.
  • Fortify Your Team While Recruiting For Permanent Staff: When a team member leaves unexpectedly, you need support now, but an ideal candidate is not always immediately available. Temporary staffing can fill this gap so you can take the time you need to find the right permanent placement for the role.

2. Contract Staffing
Much like temporary hourly staffing, contract staffing is a short term solution to address gaps in your workforce, but contract staffing solutions tend to be most suited for organizations seeking specialized skills, training, and experience. Contract staffing employment terms tend to be longer and centred on project timelines. Compensation may be hourly or based on project deliverables. The benefits of contract staffing through Matrix HR include:

  • Access To Top Talent: Matrix HR has cultivated an outstanding database of the top innovators, trailblazers, and leaders in tech, engineering, finance, and more. When you need top talent to support a surge in growth or to confidently bid on profitable new projects and opportunities, access the best contract staff available. 
  • Competitive Compensation Structures: The top performers in any field command competitive and attractive compensation packages. Matrix’s in-depth industry insight and ability to support your company with enhanced, comprehensive HR services like payroll funding, and benefits management, and compliance, means we can help your organization draft a compensation package that will attract top talent and put you ahead of your competition.
  • Innovation, Inspiration, Fresh Perspectives: It happens… even the best teams can become uninspired, stale. Activate your team with innovation and fresh perspectives with contract staffing solutions and breathe new life into your projects.

3. Temp-To-Hire Strategy 
Matrix’s temp-to-hire staffing solution is an ideal strategy to fill a gap immediately and maintain operations, while providing an opportunity to audit a candidate’s skill and assess their fit on the job and within the team structure of your organization. A temp-to-hire strategy is ideal if your business needs to onboard a skilled specialist for an upcoming project, build a leadership team to support growth, meet new project mandates, scale up today when you are uncertain of future workforce needs, or to screen a candidate's suitability for your organization in real time. The benefits of a Matrix HR temp-to-hire staffing strategy are: 

  • Streamlined Growth Transitions: When your company is on a sustained growth trajectory, it is simple to transition a temp-to-hire candidate into a permanent team member.
  • Make Sound, Strategic Decisions: A temp-to-hire solution eliminates the desperate search to find the perfect permanent candidate quickly, and a potential failed hire, by allowing leadership to assess the skill and fit of the candidate within the context of the role. Matrix HR assumes the responsibility for the temp-to-hire candidate, mitigating the risk for your organization.
  • Thorough Assessment: A temp-to-hire strategy is the ultimate job interview. Employers have the opportunity to thoroughly assess a candidate’s skill, knowledge, work ethic, potential, and fit within the existing workplace culture.

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