Temp Agencies Can Help Your Business Find The Best Permanent Placements

Temp Agencies Can Help Your Business Find The Best Permanent Placements

Temp agencies aren’t only for finding great temporary workers, they can also supply your company with permanent members of staff. Temp agencies often offer a temp-to-hire solution, so that your company gets the option of keeping on temp workers after they’ve proven themselves as valuable workers. Temp agencies also offer permanent placement so that your company can hire new employees who will integrate into your company from day one. The best recruitment agencies in Calgary have a high-level advertising strategy and a strict screening process so that you are shown the best possible candidates for permanent positions. Here is how temp agencies can help you find qualified permanent candidates.

How Temp Agencies Find Ideal Permanent Placements

When your business has open positions, temp agencies can quickly fill them. Temp agencies have candidates on hand in their database and they can present options from these prescreened and qualified candidates. If there is no candidate available that has all of the necessary skills and experience and who will align with your company goals, temp agencies will advertise the position. Unlike a company advertising a position on some hiring websites, a temp agency has a large network of industry professionals they can contact. This puts the open position in front of qualified workers, including those who may already be employed but who are considering a change in their career trajectory. Only candidates interested in a permanent position will be selected to advance for your company’s open position. Once the temp agency has put out their advertisements, they will start an intensive screening process to ensure only the best candidates' resumes are selected to proceed to the next step in the hiring process.

Temp agencies are skilled and experienced in the screening process. Unlike many HR workers who have other duties to attend to, temp agencies routinely screen resumes so they can quickly sift through stacks of candidates to determine who is qualified for the open position. Once the top candidates are selected from the resumes, temp agencies will do the time-consuming work of checking references, reading through cover letters, conducting skill tests, running online searches, and even performing interviews. Candidates will be asked about their long-term career goals to ensure that they are the right fit for a permanent position with your company.

After a candidate has gone through the extensive screening process, they will be ready for hiring. At this point, your company may want to conduct an interview with the candidate. While some employers leave this step up to the temp agency for temporary positions, it is common to have the final interview between the employer and employee so that both parties can be sure they want to work with one another. By this point, temp agencies will have all of the candidate’s information so that they can input everything into the company employee database and the selected candidate can start working right away.


Find Reliable Permanent Workers With Temp Agencies

If your company is looking for a qualified candidate who is ready to commit to your company and put in maximum effort while using their full potential, partner with a temp agency. At Matrix Labour Leasing, our temp agency has over 2 decades of experience and we’ve staffed over 5,000,000 hours of employment. Matrix has the experience to quickly find your company top-quality permanent employees who will be invaluable assets to your business. To partner with Matrix Labour Leasing, call 1-403-201-9520 or fill out the online contact form



Q: Is Matrix Labour Leasing only a temp agency?
A: Matrix Labour Leasing is a full-service human resources agency. We offer staffing and recruitment solutions while also offering back office support, including Employer of Record (EOR) and payroll funding. By offering multiple services, we allow business owners to focus their efforts on growing and developing their business while we take care of HR responsibilities.

Q: Where does Matrix operate?
A: While Matrix Labour Leasing is a Calgary-owned and based business, our staffing agency places workers in construction jobs all across Canada and in the US.

Q: What are the benefits of hiring through temp agencies?
A: Temp agencies and staffing agencies are highly qualified at finding and recruiting qualified candidates and they can hire these candidates quickly. By outsourcing this otherwise laborious task, temp agencies can save your company time and even money. To learn more about why your company should outsource your hiring, read 4 Benefits Of Hiring Through Staffing Agencies.

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