Why Being a Welder Is Wicked Awesome: Perks, Pay, Etc.

Thinking of becoming a welder? Here are the main reasons why it's such an awesome career for someone considering the trades.

If working with your hands sounds appealing to you and you have a creative streak, then being a welder will be right up your alley. The trade provides great compensation, the chance to create and design beautiful masterpieces, a solid work-life balance, career stability, and numerous specialization opportunities. It's also a much safer profession than it used to be. 

Keep reading to learn more about the main advantages of being a welder and why it's such a solid career choice.

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Why Being a Welder Is Wicked Awesome

Being a welder is one of the most exciting and interesting jobs out there. When dinner parties are a thing again, you can certainly expect endless questions once you reveal to someone that it's your profession. But aside from being a great conversation starter, welding brings with it some major perks. Let's look closer at the main ones.

1. You'll always be in demand

Being a welder provides career stability as there will always be a need for them. This consistent demand is due to the need for welders throughout multiple stages of the construction and maintenance process. There are also other industries that always require welding, including:

  • Oil and gas
  • Mining
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

If you want a stable career that you know you can rely on to provide for you and your family for decades to come, welding is a great one to choose.

2. You'll be nicely compensated

While Statistics Canada doesn't have any welding specific salary info in their most recent employment income stats, various job sites report that entry-level welders can expect to make around $50,000 a year and journeyman welders $70,000. 

That being said, welders who choose to specialize in certain fields or those who work in oil and gas can easily expect to make upwards of six figures after a few years on the job. They can usually expect some nice perks in the form of paid vacation time and extended health and dental benefits too. 



3. You can choose to specialize in a lot of different areas

As we saw earlier, welders can work in a bunch of different industries. This allows them the opportunity to specialize in a number of various industry-specific applications. Which leads to more money and a lower likelihood of becoming bored by having to do the same job repeatedly.

4. There are many different certifications you can get

Because there are numerous types of welding, your certification options are much more varied than in other trades. This can help you specialize in a specific industry or expand your skillset even further as your career progresses. Both of which will lead to higher compensation.


5. You can work in some fascinating places

Welders can end up working in some of the most exciting places. Oil rigs, offshore platforms, military installations, underwater infrastructure, and even race car pit crews are just a few of the more untraditional and neat settings that welders can be found at. So long as you achieve the proper certification and are able to demonstrate proficiency throughout your career, you can pretty much work anywhere.

Wrapping up

After going through the five main perks of being a welder, it's easy to see why it's such a wicked awesome career. Because most welders are employed by construction companies that tend to work a standard workweek, the work-life balance of the job is also a big plus. That being said, remote and overtime work can easily push the salaries of welders north of six figures. But as with anything in life, it's always better to have options. Being a welder provides a lot of them.

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